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Colts Flybad

Post by Helldawg66

Offense- runs typically go to outside to take advantage of speed. some inside runs with zone blocking schemes that he can eventually bring outside. A good mix so you have to account for both.

passing- favorites are the crossing routes and a combination of inward slants and a drag. you need to guess pass commits properly, and cover the appropriate zones, a spy may be useful to follow the middle. man inside with hook coverage help. will occasionally throw in things like the slot guy doing outside posts to burn you if you're overly reliant on stopping the inside though.

defense- likes things where the defense is close to the line like the 46 looks and show blitz. mixes blitzes well but doesn't disguise them usually. a lot of cover 2 invert and various cover 3 forms. some 3 blitzes like sugar seem to be the go-tos. may throw in a cb blitz rarely.

special teams- the usual per everyone but he does have very fast returners. punt out of bounds if you can. he has a 99 speed cb and dri archer [fastest stock player in game] as options for returners.
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