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Colts Scout(aka minizee)

Post by deathbyeagle


Running: Outside outside, outside all game. I dared this mofo to run inside with using ALL wide 9 style def and he still refused to run inside but 3 or 4 times all game. But wide 9 killed his run all game. So theres ur tip for stopping his run, use all wide 9 defense, he cant get aany yards in the few middle runs he even tried.

Passing: Only a few routes, most every play was the exact same just diff formation. The famous zee slant/cross and the TE will be underniether on a drag. He will use a ton of the Texas style Hb routes and go to them offen when his slant/cross is not open. Thats it, might have tried a screen once. Not much mix at all really. His offense was kinda poor in this game. won it on defense.

Defense: Unlike offense he actually mixed on defense and did a good job. Cover 3 style blitzes, cover 3 reg, cover 2 zone, some underman and cover 1. Great mix on defense. Only problem with his defense is he will move a player manually then change to another player before the snap a few times. It didnt help him at all but its something to keep an eye on.

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