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Seahawks scout (aka deathbyzone)

Post by Flybad

Once I saw the passive aggressive scout report that deathbyzone wrote about the Indianapolis Colts, I became inspired to give a more accurate account of the game with real statistics, instead of a rage filled rant just minutes after a 3 point loss. Deathbyzone's scout report also accuses me of cheating (moving a D player and controlling another). I never did it once. Only way I can prove that is for anyone that's interested to watch the game that I taped on Twitch. I encourage anyone that questions my character in playing in this league to watch this game. Or any other game I've played for that matter.

After watching the game again and having my play calling dragged through the mud I decided to catalog every single play, I didn't think it would B fair to do a scout report of just my opponent, so my play calling will B in this report as well.

Seahawks offense: 253 pass yards, 7 passes inside, 11 passes outside 28 pass attempts. Will scramble moderately w R. Wilson. 95 rushing yards, 6 runs outside, 6 runs inside. 4 TO's 3 INT's and 1 fumble.

Colts offense: 187 pass yards, 9 passes inside, 7 passes outside, 24 pass attempts. 62 Rushing yards, 8 runs outside, 11 runs inside. 2 TO's 1INT and 1 fumble.

Seahawks defense: 46 defensive plays, 39 zone (18 cover 2 zone, 10 cover3, 8 cover 4, 1 zone blitz, 2 cover 2 cink), 7 man (3 cov 1, 3 cover 2 man, 1 man blitz). For those of u that don't have a calculator handy here are some interesting percentages. 85% zone (39% cover 2 zone, 22% cover 3, 17% cover 4, that's a 78% chance you will see 1 of these 3 defenses), 15% man. Users the MLBer. 1 last interesting fact...on 2 different occasions he ran 4 consecutive cover 2 zones.

Colts defense: 40 defensive plays (3 plays not catalogued because of no huddle and unable to confirm), 29 zone (6 cover 2 zone, 8 cover 3, 4 cover 4, 10 zone blitz, 1 cover 2 cink) 11 man (6 cover 1, 3 cover 2 man, 2 man blitz). 63% zone, 37% man.

"Running outside outside all game. I dared this mofo to run inside with using all wide 9 style def and he still refused to run inside but 3 or 4 times all game. But wide 9 killed his run all game. So there's ur tip for stopping His run, use all wide 9 defense, he can't get any yards in the few middle runs he even tried." DBZ

This is complete shit as proven by my inside outside run listed above. 11 inside 8 outside.

"Passing: Only a few routes, most every play was the exact same just diff formation. The famous zee slant/cross and the TE will B underneath on a drag. He will use a ton of the Texas style HB routes and go to them often when his slant/cross is not open. That's it, might have tried a screen once. Not much mix at all really. His offense was kinda poor in this game. Won it on defense." DBZ

I completed 9 passes inside and 7 outside. The "Texas" U refer to (I call them angles) I threw 3 times, 1 to TE (dropped) 1 to HB and 1 to FB. Hardly going to them often when it atempted 24 passes. I love this part "not much mix really" lol. Your lack of mix on D 85% zone (78% cover 2 zone, cover 3 and cover 4) is laughable. U want to come on here, challenge my integrity and u do the most unsim defense I've seen in Madden 15 yet. Lol. All your scout reports from now on will be EMPTY. All because of blind rage minutes after a video game and not taking the time to check the facts before making serious accusations about an owner.

"Defense: unlike offense he actually mixed on defense and did a good job. Cover 3 style blitzes, cover 3 reg, cover 2 zone, some under an and cover 1. Great mix of defense. Only problem w his defense is he will move a player manually then change to another player before the snap a few times. It didn't help him at all, but it's something to keep an eye on." DBZ

You got the first part rite. I did mix it up 63% zone and 37% man. I also userd different positions. Got a user pick with LB and a user sack with the RE. I never once moved a player then switched before the snap. This allegation is complete and total BS. Watch the video I recorded.

In closing here is an exploit of the AI that DBZ's opponents should know about. In pistol formation with 3 WR's 1 HB 1 TE (U can identify the play cus HB is offset and TE is behind T on same side as HB) he will do an audible that makes the slot WR and outside WR switch positions. What happens if you are in man is your defender will go w the receivers when they switch places, but they still cover the receiver at the position they just left. Total AI glitch. Lobby esque. 44:13,44:55,45:46 if anyone would like to see it...not to use!, but to B able to identify it if someone tries to cheese you with it.

If your going to write a scout report at least make it accurate and if your going to accuse someone of cheating (moving a player on D and switching before the snap is against the rules and therefore cheating) you better damb well B able to back it up!
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Post on 2/13/2015, 1:08 pm by titanbrian

Oooohhhhh, burn!

Post on 2/13/2015, 1:25 pm by titanbrian

Facts translate better than using words like "all game" and "every time", even "mostly" can slander a coaches reputation.

It's better to review the tape vs. Relying on your memory.

Post on 2/13/2015, 1:37 pm by Zeemen

Deathbyzone? Are ya kidding me? That is some funny shit. Great write up man. Titanbrian is right. It's easy to say some runs to many stretches or too many counters and such. For you to come on play by play it proves yet another upset in the momment owner getting beat who try's to tell the opponent their reason for losing instead of saying "nice win man". Bro keep up yr solid game play and balanced play calling. 37% man on yr part is def higher then most.

Post on 2/13/2015, 3:07 pm by tony87blue

this is some funny stuff, i didnt read dbe's scouting report but....guess we forgot about flybad's high number of counters/stretch runs vs Jaguars. if i recall correctly it was 8 of 9 runs in 1st half which most likely confirmed exactly what lonestar said about the entire game...

i've got no beef with either of these guys but it seems that the jax/ind game complaint got swept under the rug or just completely forgotten about or maybe just a bad game by flybad that game and he lost track of how much he ran outside but it was a legit concern

Post on 2/13/2015, 5:18 pm by Ra-fa_br

Awesome write up fly

Post on 2/13/2015, 5:31 pm by shooter8175

titanbrian wrote:Oooohhhhh, burn!

LMFAO Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

nice writeup death acts like a senorita after most games

Post on 2/13/2015, 7:49 pm by deathbyeagle

Ahh is someone sensitive, lol.

1- Wasnt a rage scout, actually though it was a good close gmae. If I was raged i would have posted under game complaints. You must think I am one of them guys who thinks hes good, lol. Im avg at best, and u only beat me by 3. Thats just how i scout and post, i take little shots for the fun of it. I post what I see. I will and alwasy be a asshole the way i talk to people. Ive been extremely successful with it in my life so no need to change. U dont like it to bad.

2- I counted 5 inside runs after checking again. U had 2 dives, a mid draw and i guess u can count the blast as a inside since when u saw the outside wasnt there u cut back inside. See ur counting your counters and strong powers as inside runs. I think ur idea of a inside run is much diff then everyone elses. I really dont care casue as everyone else told me u run outside so my plan was to run all wide 9 defenses all game and worked actually. Thanks for being my tester. But id encourage anyone to watch the game and give input on ur so called 11 inside runs, lol.

3- That AI play ur talking about is not pistol, its actually shotgun, and ive actually told many about the play. since I do that once a game and only 3 people where ever dumb enough to fall for it all year, welcome to the short list.

4- Lastly, U can say anything u want to me or about me, diff between me and you, im not sensitive. lol. Call me deathbyzone, lol. idk. Funny part is u must not know how to read defense well cause as most know here in this lg, i call zones and change ouside CBs to man alot and on my man plays change people to zones. So I run combos. Oh u must be going by the "previous play" from madden, silly rabbit, stock plays is for fags, lol.

Im kinda sad, was hoping for a scout from u on me. Even a good wrong, taking shots scout, lol.

gg minizee lol

Post on 2/14/2015, 1:54 pm by chrebet1024

It seems like we have a developing situation.

I'll watch the game when I get a moment.

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