Texans Bengals trade -- VETOED



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Texans Bengals trade -- VETOED

Post by titanbrian

Bengals trade
Hunt LE ovr 78 age 26
Rey MLB ovr 62 age 25
2014 2nd round pick

Texans trade
Cushing MLB ovr 92 age 26

I agree to deal
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Post on 12/3/2013, 6:28 pm by titanbrian

Texans agree

Post on 12/3/2013, 6:31 pm by chrebet1024

put the trade back up in THIS format as found in the "Trade Rules and Guidelines."

Also BOTH owners need to "Approve or Accept this deal."

Example Trade Proposal
Topic Title = Jets/Colts Trade
From Jets
QB J. Namath - 95 ovr, 26 y/o

From Colts
QB J. Unitas - 97 ovr, 28 y/o

....doesn't have to be perfectly in this format, but please include OVR and AGE and POSITION.
....then the owner who posts will say "I accept this deal."

...then in a reply the other owner will "accept."

Once we start doing this right it will get the ball rolling for everybody to follow the same and correct format.

Post on 12/3/2013, 6:32 pm by chrebet1024

alright its edited....cabbage and I will check it out.

Post on 12/3/2013, 6:48 pm by cea2323


Post on 12/3/2013, 7:18 pm by chrebet1024

My initial reaction to this deal was to Veto.....especially after seeing that Cushing has a 94 injury rating.  If it was low (like it should be to reflect real life)...then I'd approve right away....

BUT...I do approve this one.

Here's why:
Margus Hunt, although 26 already, is a rookie and was a 2nd round pick.  That along with another 2nd rounder could be enough for Cushing in my mind.  It can go either way tho.

....lets see what cabbage has to say.

Post on 12/3/2013, 10:12 pm by cea2323

I agree

Post on 12/4/2013, 3:38 pm by cea2323

Just checking, still waiting on the 2nd approval...

Post on 12/4/2013, 5:36 pm by BurntCabbage

I decline....

With that being said.  I may be more inclined to approve if another 2nd or 3rd were going to the Texans.

Post on 12/4/2013, 5:40 pm by cea2323

I'll add a 2014 3rd rnd pick as well

Post on 12/4/2013, 6:00 pm by titanbrian

Hunt, 2nd, 3rd, for Cushing, i accept

Post on 12/4/2013, 6:04 pm by cea2323

I agree

Post on 12/4/2013, 7:05 pm by cea2323

Both parties have agreed

Post on 12/4/2013, 8:45 pm by chrebet1024

guys re-post it on another message.

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