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Post by Ra-fa_br

Tony drew his line in the sand, left the group of us, (slick, hd, Fran) and also including Chreb, (he contributed his opinion) with no choice but to remove him. That's the way Tony wanted it. Some of you have explained your frustrations but we can't have anyone member draw line himself and intentionally step over it and then say I'm not sitting anyone, I'm not leaving, you have to boot me.

It sucks Tony all in all is a good member but his stubbornness got the best of him.

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Post on 3/16/2015, 11:46 am by tony87blue

lmao you delete my post? why delete it?

Post on 3/16/2015, 11:49 am by tony87blue

what's next? you going to delete my account or ban me from the forum too?

Post on 3/16/2015, 1:38 pm by SDchargers373

everyone is not gonna always agree on things likes rules and punishments and there will always be debates as to weather punishments are fair and equal etc. Whatever anyones personal view on a punishment or rule is, once rafa has made his decision thats the end of it. Arguing and refusing to accept a suspension pretty much saying "F U" to commisioners. I like Tony and I wish he had just accepted suspension and just kept rolling, but it IMO really left commisioners no choice. If one person says "i dont think I did anything wrong I dont accept ur punishment" where will it end? might as well turf the entire rules section. Like,we have to respect rafas decisions whether we agree with them or not, thats the point of having a commisioner. I had a player suspended last season for a very important game on a suspension I didnt want to have. Thats just the way it is, the decision is out of my hands. Ive had position change requests denied that ive not agreed with. Does that mean I should just change the players position anyway because I dont agree with commish? By refusing to accept a suspension u leave no choice but to be booted lol, like, what else is commisioner supposed to do?

Post on 3/16/2015, 2:23 pm by bbw6506

You are 100% correct SD and I wish he was man enough to admit that he was wrong but Tony never wrong and will continue to act like a child or little boy that he is

Post on 3/16/2015, 2:28 pm by tony87blue

i agree SD, except i didnt get a suspension....i'm not fighting a suspension. i was just straight up denied being allowed to supersim my cpu game. i didnt get booted for not accepting a suspension nor did i get booted for breaking a legit gameplay rule or get booted for quitting a league game.

my question is on what basis do you deny such a request? why even have a rule that states you are required to ask for it if you're just going to deny it?

DBE got suspended for his wk17 supersim last season, why? rafa posted it wasnt because of the stats but because of not having an archive.....yet rafa's logic for denying is supersimming screws up the stats? again, show me a game that i supersimmed or any other cpu game that's been played besides the 1 that DBE had that screwed up the stats!

rafa pointed out my 49-3 cpu game vs Bears because HB Polk had 4 TD (supposedly won OPoW) and HB Demps also had 100 yards rushing. what's wrong with that? So Polk had 4 TD in 1 game vs cpu...he had 17 total on the season, 13 since i made him my starter wk9! how about HB Demps....oh no, forgive me that my 3rd string HB had a 100 yd game vs cpu. Unlike a bunch of people in leagues, my backups see the field when i have a blowout game and well Demps is one of those guys. He's had 311, 362, 631, and 736 yards in 4 seasons. HB Demps had 109 carries last that vs the stats that DBE got because of his supersim, his backups had 54 runs 283 yards in 1 game. NOW THOSE ARE SCREWED UP STATS!! now, DBE didnt create those's just the result of supersimming the entire game. what i do vs cpu is completely different than that....i ensure that i get my W and ensure that the stats remain realistic. even that cpu game rafa tried to call me out on, i only had 230 yards rushing total vs DBEs total supersim total of 425 yards!

so i say again, what is the basis of denying someone that knows how to supersim a cpu game? why even have the rule say we must ask if you're going to deny it regardless?

yes....i made a choice to supersim even after he told me no. that's because i refuse to play an hour game vs cpu when i can have it done in 30-40 minutes!

lastly, yes i forced their hand because i went against his decision and i told him i would not accept any suspension, i wouldnt leave the league, and they would have to boot me if the ywant me gone! why? because i knew i wouldnt be causing an issue with my supersim and the end result, as it always has, proved i know how to control a supersim. QB Glennon 10/17 for 183 yards; HB Martin 18/96/1, HB Demps 12/47, HB Polk 9/41...i had 4 sacks on defense, 2 ints, and MLB David was only double digit tackler with 10 tackles. so again, WHY DENY SOMEONE THAT HASNT BEEN A PROBLEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO SUPERSIM?

congrats, you got rid of an owner that's played every single one of his games and has consistently been one of the first to play his games! i could understand being booted for say something like what zeemen did when he recreated his stats vs cpu. i could understand being booted for blatantly breaking 4th down rules. i could understand being booted for manipulating the rosters and/or salary cap but no, i got booted for supersimming my game and like i said all along my stats would be under control and they were!

Post on 3/16/2015, 2:32 pm by bbw6506

You said in chat that you Will not sit any players if suspended and you will not stop simming games

Post on 3/16/2015, 2:34 pm by bbw6506

That not what a great owner does

Post on 3/16/2015, 2:34 pm by bbw6506

pride is every man's worst enemy

Post on 3/16/2015, 2:37 pm by tony87blue

wrong bbw, i admit i was wrong for going against what rafa said but i did it to prove that he's wrong for denying a request because he had no basis to deny it! i asked for it....i'm not surprised this happened, i just think it's stupid. that's why i said i wouldnt leave the league over this issue because it's minor in regards to the entire's not a gameplay rule i'm breaking, i'm not stat padding or going for XP, i was going for the W vs cpu as fast as possible because i hate playing vs cpu!

they made a decision to show that they are in charge, i respect it but doesnt mean i agree with it especially when you go and look at my cpu game and see that what i told rafa would happen is exactly what i got. i didnt get the stats that happened wk17 sea vs no!!

Post on 3/16/2015, 2:39 pm by tony87blue

yep, i said those things because i know there's no reason that i deserve to have my players suspended just like i know there's no reason why the supersim request was denied to begin with!

Post on 3/16/2015, 3:30 pm by bbw6506

Tony it's the way you did it on chat, you could have text rafa and maybe he would have let you do it but to disrespect him as commissioner on char I don't understand how you believe it would have turn out well for you

Post on 3/16/2015, 6:12 pm by SDchargers373

Keep it in perspective lol. Ur making urself a martyr tony. It was one super sim request. Super sims have been a point of contention lately. Sometimes u go along to get along. I think this was the wrong way and time to make ur point.

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