Dead weight?


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Dead weight?

Post by Ra-fa_br

Asking the core this question, that is still in tact. You guys want me to drop all the dead weight? Or be patient?

Not playing games:
Fallen (if he doesnt schedule with DBE i think this is is it)
Clax (has some real world stuff going on)
Redskinshog (Still deployed? hasnt responded to my texts)

Also, Southerncal is one game away from not broadcasting to being booted

Ive been recruiting, maybe you guys in MLb can recruit there?

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Post on 4/16/2015, 8:29 am by deathbyeagle

To me if they are dead weight then just let them go. Whats the point in wasting time tring to sch and waiting to get same response. Even if the teams stay cpu rest of this madden its the same thing as now just we dont have to waste time. At this point a few are just tring to hold on to there teams for next madden, why let them if they are not going to finish strong. let them wait in line and pick whats left over next madden. Thats my view

Post on 4/16/2015, 9:07 am by Flybad

I agree with Deathbyeagle. Let them go, cus we are ending up playing the CPU anyway when we are matched up with them. This way we don't have to wait till last minute to play the game just to give them the unlikely chance to play.

Post on 4/16/2015, 10:00 am by Frank_XD-

I agree with the guys above. I don't consider myself a core guy, but I feel that it isn't fair to all of these great owners that abided by the rules since day one. You've given plenty of chances and warnings to all these owners. At this point, we should start recruiting for Madden 16, drop all if the dead weight, it's only going to rot and eventually decay.

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