Contract Offer Rule Suggestion


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Contract Offer Rule Suggestion

Post by Ra-fa_br

Rule 1:
Going forward, No more offering contracts 6 or 7 years unless the player is looking for a contract with those length. Proof of picture is needed for a contract with these terms. The reason being, we don't even get to 7 years so we never have to deal with the crazy 2 last years. (Penalty for breaking this rule would be to release the player. The player would then sit in FA until the offseason FA bidding.)

Rule 2:
I'd like to try this now. We can only resign guys for the first 3 weeks of the season. After that the player choose to test the market. We still we be allowed to franchise tag a guy. The reason being, to deepen the FA pool and it would also pressure teams into possibly over paying for guys.  (Penalty for breaking this rule would be to release the player. The player would then sit in FA until the offseason FA bidding.)

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Post on 5/2/2015, 9:32 am by titanbrian

I really like rule #1. I've never seen a guy ask for more than 5 years yet, and when we give them 7 years we never have to deal with them again. If Madden brings back holdouts it would be nice, until then, this is a realistic rule.

Rule #2, are you saying I can't sign the one year guys at the end of the season?

Post on 5/2/2015, 9:49 am by Ra-fa_br

Ya, back into the fa pool

Post on 5/2/2015, 10:49 am by j_bell12

Chrebet has already made a rule here.... Last year in fact. Should be posted on the site. If not, it doesn't really matter, the site is mute now, and that's why the league is struggling worse then I've ever seen. I'm sick of repeating myself about the site. Why bother putting work into it when it goes unused by most, and why make new rules when the current rules aren't upheld? Hence.... The required activity on the site which has always been mandatory. Most people say fuck the rules anyway rafa. Groupme shouldn't be taken into consideration except for suspending mouthy trouble makers. But again, do as you see fit. There's been hardly any punishment handed out at all. No one will follow this one anymore then the others. Just a new argument for chat. Y'all don't need to believe me.... What do I know, I've only been in this league for five years.

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