Lions vs Raiders


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Lions vs Raiders

Post by deathbyeagle

Looked like this never even was reviewed and is a pretty serious rule break, 2 rules actually. Lions manually zones a DE and DT to create a 2 man rush only. Wasnt even my game but needs to be addressed since it wasnt a mistake.

2 rules broken

1. At all times there should be at least 3 pass rushers coming from THE BOX (DL/LB) excluding Safeties in the box.
*Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you rush less than 3. The play "Velco 9" CAN be used, BUT you MUST still make sure there are 3 men rushing the QB by manually blitzing somebody.

2. Not allowed to manually put an "INTERIOR DL" into a spy/contain/zone
The reason for this is to not have guys trying to create "Nano Blitzes" or anything that will create un-realistic pressure.
There are PLENTY of playcalls out there that has "INTERIOR DL" dropping back in a zone, or even in a spy. So USE THOSE PLAYCALLS, do NOT manually do it.
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We are talking aboit it dbe

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