Drop rules? Or start bringing the hammer?


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Drop rules? Or start bringing the hammer?

Post by Ra-fa_br

Run to pass ratio?

IMO It happens in real life, more towards teams passing heavy more than rushing heavy. But it happens.

Rushing to te line?

Other than the Patriots irl i dont think too many teams do it. If we are going to enforce it, it wont be a game ratio it will be a; by each quater ratio.

No huddle?

4th down rules?

Let me know what you guys think...

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Post on 5/6/2015, 11:13 am by deathbyeagle

run/pass ratio- no biggy to me. honestly if a team only wants to pass, easier for me to set up my defense. The hardest teams to play are those who use close to the 50/50 mark. So its a benefit for people to get there but dont see a need for a rule on it.

Rushing to the line/quick snapping. Eagles do it alot in real life, a staple of thier offense, Pats as well but other then them its not consistent in the league. There has been a rule but not many follow it. Id say 3/4 or more of the league use it and quick snap. Do we need to update the rule? Probly not. Wont be followed by many anyways and too hard to manage. Like run/pass ratio i see the benefit to not quick snapping. lets u preread the snap some and other side of the ball made me leran how to do about 10 adjustments in just 2 secs. At the same time I see most who quick snap throw more picks and dont succeed as much so let them, lol

No Huddle- I think this rule should go. Only reasons are 1- Its becoming more and more well known and done in the NFL level. 2- It tires offensive players down more then Defense so it can result in more injs for those who do it. Would I personally do it? maybe once or twoce but not offen cause i like to change up plays alot and keep players fresh. Those who dont will be playing with backups alot more when they inj half the team:)

4th down rules- Im for just having no rules for 4th down. NFL teams go for it all over the place, diff situations. If a owner wants to be a moron and go for it every 4th, hey gives me better field position when he doesnt make it. Knowing tis group I dont see it being a tatic used very offen but will give more flexiblity when the situation comes up.

Theres my views.

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