Defending myself



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Defending myself

Post by titanbrian

I'm 39 years old (original ATARI kid ) been playing games my whole life, I now only play Madden, and only watch football on T.V. lame i know. so my opinion on these topics come with some experience, but my know how on forums is zero, until I joined this one, and this is my first sim league, so i will make mistakes. I have a wired connection, rarely drop games, and active every day!

I was disturbed by the bashing I was taking, in the chatroom, while trying to play a game with the 49 ers. Now I'm going to try to defend myself.

1. My fastest guy is in my depth chart at slot 1

looking at my season totals he has the 6th most catches on my team, avr. of 1.4 / game. A. Johnson ( 2nd depth chart ) has most catches by a WR. so clearly my #2 depth pos. is my #1 WR. This is also reflected the same way in the fantasy league.

2. I'm in quarters and he is in 2 WR set

This happened twice in the game, mainly cuz i was trying to watch my phone, and what you were saying and not playing the game. I quit watching my phone after that comment, but still used alot of dime or dollar against his 3 wr sets which is smart when facing TE V. Davis.

3. burnt cabbage's speed phobia vs. me

If you goto practice mode ( offence only ) and run 2 streaks, with two different speed guys, you can figure out the theshold of when speed begins to matter. And it does. So in a 4 year season you will get around 140,000 xp to spend. You can buy +4 to speed with that ( I NEVER have, waste of xp ) or you can start with a fast guy, and spend +50, on CTH, CIT, RTE, ect. the latter sounds ( and is ) a way better strategy IMO. dont be a speed hater, lol

4. Don't accept Reece trade, cuz he will make him a TE and pass to him 10 times a game

My FB's are FB's you can ask anyone who's played me or watch a game on ustream. I do pass to them though, my FB has 8 catches in 5 games ( 1 more than the WR in my #1 depth chart, lol). Also my top TE in default league is at 5.8 catches/game, and J. Cameron in fantasy league has 4.4 catches/game. In case I ever did make him a TE.

In conclusion I think a commissioner should nourish a league, and help teach players new to Madden, or players new to the league. A strong friendly community is more fun for everyone. You can ask me to leave, no hard feelings, but I would ask that you don't assume the new guys are out to wreck the great thing you have going here. This is the last time I defend myself like a whinny dork, next time I'll just say "go to hell" then try to kick your ass at gametime ( lol ). -Brian
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Post on 12/7/2013, 10:47 am by chrebet1024

Brian, you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about.  Trust me when I say that.  If you felt that way in the chatbox then let me assure of one thing right now...whowever was saying those things, meant no harm....and if you texted them right now they'll tell you the same thing.

Yes you are right, commish's job is to nourish a league, especially when there are so many new guys to due PS4.  At the same time though, definitely listen to what those guys have to say, as they are trying to help, and not feeling like they are bashing you.

FASTEST GUY AT WR in #1 feeling is it is YOUR TEAM, so you call the shots.  I don't care what you do with your depth chart as long as it falls in the rules.  The commish shouldn't care about that UNLESS it gets to the point of DISASTER.  And in no way shape or form have you giving me the feeling that you're team will ever become that.  Gotta give owners the benefit of the doubt until they give you a reason otherwise.

As far Reece trade goes, hey there will be some trades that don't go through....our rules dictate that FB and TE CAN interchange positions (it is NOT a position problem, rather a REECE problem) if you acquire him you can do whatever you'd like with him as per rules. 

IF the trade does get vetoed, don't take it personally either, means NOTHING as far as blaming any one person on agreeing to it.  It's only looking at the value of the trade on both ends.

We will do a better job moving forward on the points you have made here today.

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Post on 12/7/2013, 11:05 am by chrebet1024

Each and every owner does have a voice.  ALWAYS post on the website if you're feeling strongly about anything...positive OR negative.

Post on 12/7/2013, 11:06 am by BurntCabbage

No need to defend yourself.  Let me explain some of my comments.

I have no problem with Andre Johnson at #2.  Matter of fact, it seems about 4-5 owners have their best WR at #2.  My comment was specifically toward WR Titus Ryan 64 ovr being in the #1 slot over guys like Martin and Hopkins.  Now obviously you have done some labbing and maybe you know exactly what you are doing, but these are my concerns regarding you specifically.....

I dont know you.  You are still kind of new.  I don't know if you are someone who knows what they are doing or someone who will destroy a team and leave the league.  Some of us have been around for a while and the longer you stay here, the more I'll get to know you and stuff like this will not get me wondering what's going on.  If you are here for the long haul then I could care less if all your WR's are 60 over w/ 98 spd, but if you leave the team like that and someone has to take over, they may not like the fact they have no WR's with a good overall rating.  They may hate the fact that Cushing is not there now either, but this is YOUR TEAM.  Now Chrebet may disagree with me on this, but i feel that it is our jobs as commissioners to make sure teams aren't making bad decisions that will hurt the team beyond repair (roster wise and financially).  I feel it is our jobs to ensure every team has a chance to be competitive, or at least has a good chance to build a competitive team.  This is why I started making the Bengals trade you more for Cushing.  I felt that you needed to get good draft picks or good players for him, so in case you left the team, the next guy could be competitive and build with that first rounder.  This was never an attack against you titanbrian, it's just me not knowing you and trying to protect the league.  I guess this is all part of my getting to know you process, lol.

Ok maybe I was speed hating last night.  Hey, if you have a good strategy then by all means do your thing.

As far as playing dime and quaters against 2wr sets.....It is against the rules if done more than a couple specific situations during a game.  You should try to match personnel on almost every play.  Again i saw no video of this, but when death made the comment, I simply asked if he wanted me to intervene.  He never responded (probably cause he was playing and missed it).  I didn't get a complaint from him officially, so i'm going assume you match up well and unless everyone else starts complaing, we have no issue here.

The jury is still out on the Reece trade for right now.  Since we allow FB and TE to interchange, I am investigating Reece's rating when he is put in at TE in game.  This may make him far more valuable and in that case would require more from you to obtain him.  When I  checked your stats, I noticed a lot of passes to the backfield and TE's.  I only assumed you plan to throw to him since he is such a weapon.  Either way, this wasn't picking on you....just me making sure the Raiders get what Reece is worth....much like i made sure you got your value for Cushing.

In closing....I want you to be here.  You have been a great and active owner.  Don't mind me....I'm just getting to know you.  We definitely want a fun community around here.  Anything you need from me, don't hesitate to ask.  I'm here to help all new owners.  But as far as teaching Madden, you'll have to excuse me from that as i obviously suck after getting stomped 31-3 by the Bengals just now.  Maybe you can help me Titanbrian?

Post on 12/7/2013, 11:39 am by titanbrian

Ok , I see your point, very well put, the leagues are run by two strong commissioners who complement each other well. Thanks for making the opportunities for us all to have fun while remaining competitive.
As for helping you...... Do you have s Paypal account? Lol

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