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MEFL Madden 16 signups out now. Grab those teams while you can by replying to this message in the appropriate field below.

You can claim one team. You can put out a list of 10 teams. The choice is all yours. I remind you though, putting down more teams will help your cause.

As always, your overall standing within the league will be the main consideration on who gets which teams.

***There will be a STRONG effort to limit guys bitching in M16. Most of it comes down to SIM play. The guy that bitches about "questionable" and "borderline" SIM stuff will not be tolerated. Meaning, if you bitch and complain in the heat of the moment about stuff that is perfectly legit, you will be gone.

...this is a video game...not real life. It's VERY EASY to tell the difference between a lobby player and a straight-up player. Usually, if you have to think about it, then the guy is legit. There is ALWAYS a way to counter your opponent AND express your views in a more mature manner.

Let's keep the fun in the league.

***For M16, MEFL will be turning into a one-league organization. MEFL ( will be the ONLY website to house MEFL Madden Football.

***So, these M16 signups will have ONLY 32 of the best Strategy Madden players around.

***This is NOT to say Fantasy is dead. We will, in fact, bring over MEFL Fantasy History and the Logo to our Default league, and we will also run Fantasy-Style Season Tournaments during the year. These Fantasy Seasons will count towards our REAL HISTORY and will be run from the forums on

I apologize to everybody that I've been gone. Actually, it'll still be tough for me to manage my time in M16. BUT, with only one website for me to worry about, and other guys running the day to day stuff, I'll should be around all year long now.

I'll be working on the website from time to time for the next couple months.

See you all in M16.

Afc East
Bills- (Hellrazor)
Jets- (Chreb)
Pats- (Rafa)
Dolphins- (BBW)

Afc North
Ravens- (RX)
Browns- (Jedi)
Steelers- (Helldawg)
Bengals- (Filthy Habbitz)

Afc South
Titans- (TitanBrian)
Colts- (Trevaluv)
Jags- (Frank)
Texans- (C-May)

Afc West
Chargers- ()
Raiders- (Shooter)
Chiefs- (Mish)
Broncos- (DBE)

Nfc East
Eagles- (Tuck)
Cowboys- (Mr Ortiz)
Giants- (Flybad)
Redskins- (Shaston)

Nfc North
Packers- (Clax)
Lions- (Rascrush)
Bears- (Stallion)
Vikings- (Southerncal)

Nfc South
Panthers- (Yeah Dog)
Saints- (Bndrinkn)
Bucs- (MOrtiz13)
Falcons- (Otis51)

Nfc West
Seahawks- (JBell)
49ers- (Nuun)
Cardinals- (BLD)
Rams- (DoubleDD)

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Post on 8/3/2015, 9:36 pm by CLUTCH1989

Hey guys, I am new to the site and am def interested in playing in the league if you have any spots available.


Post on 8/30/2015, 9:45 pm by Threehunnitgang

I want the chargers

Post on 8/30/2015, 9:45 pm by Threehunnitgang

I want to play

Post on 9/16/2015, 8:27 am by ottomatic503

Id like to join but would like to know what country most of the users are in. Us, Australia,uk?

Post on 10/12/2015, 2:25 pm by xsxs

Any chance there's a spot open? I'm looking for a sim league. Text me at 647 494 7015

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