Colts Position Adjustment Request


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Colts Position Adjustment Request  Empty Colts Position Adjustment Request

Post by Filthy_Habitz

HB M. Bush to FB (fits system better. Is built like a FB)

ROLB L. Briggs to MLB (stacked on olbs. Out ranks all my Mlbs)

CB G. Toler to SS *temp* (filling injured SS)
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Post on 9/15/2015, 1:36 am by Frank_XD-

The only one that we can approve is the Lance Briggs move. The rules clearly state that only TE's can be back up fullbacks. Any safety can fill a back up spot on either the free or strong position.

Post on 9/15/2015, 7:52 am by titanbrian

Agreed, as soon as Bush becomes a HB, then Blount owner will be asking the same thing and FB dive already gives you 3 yards guaranteed. One problem with a CB going to safety is the man coverage is so high. The top safeties have MCV in the 70s, then it drops fast. A 6 man blitz puts safeties in man, and it would be such an advantaged even with crappy CBs, that everyone would do it. If you have proof that Toler had played the position before, I would strongly consider it though.

Post on 9/15/2015, 9:31 am by Ra-fa_br

Im not a Bears fan, can't recall him ever not playing on the edge. Not piling on here, we try to stay away from these types of rosters tho. Holding the league to these standards makes a better league in the lo g run.

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