Shoutout to Otis51


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Shoutout to Otis51

Post by chrebet1024

....see now this is another great reason that Broadcasting IS the best feature to happen to Madden Franchises of all time.

I happen to hop on the Falcons / Panthers game with under 2 mins left and the Falcons with an 11 point lead....and Otis and the Falcons have the ball trying to run the clock out.  Panthers are clearly Run Blitzing the house.  Otis does a little drag with his TE and gets close to a first down... at this point he has a CLEAR PATH to the endzone...instead of scoring, he RUNS INTO Contact and gets tackled to make it 3rd and 1.  He picks up the 1st down and with the Panthers having no timeouts left he kneels on it.

Could have scored an extra TD to make it an 18 point game.....but ran INTO contact and kneeled it.  That's a good job.


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