Balanced Play Calling, please read


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Balanced Play Calling, please read

Post by chrebet1024

So...we've had a couple of complaints recently about OUTSIDE RUNS and LACK OF BLITZING.

First off Lack of Blitzing.
If you're not blitzing in this game, you're missing the boat...because blitzing (bring 6 especially) is a GREAT DEFENSE TO PLAY.  It is very realistic in which the QB needs to recognize it right away and get it to a hot read.

--work on mixing up those defensive playcalls.

--OF COURSE your defense can have an "Identity."  If you're identity is to blitz a lot, GREAT...if it is more of a safe defense, GREAT.  BUT even with those identities, a HEALTHY BALANCE IS NEEDED.

Now as far as the OUTSIDE RUNS are concerned....If you are playing a good defense and you're trying to run it outside every play...YOU'RE GONNA GET KILLED.

--Having said that though YOU MUST STILL HAVE A BALANCE RUN ATTACK.  Do NOT call more than 1 run play a couple times per game.

For instance....if you're calling the STRETCH play more than 5 times in a game...there is something wrong with your playcalling.
....and that includes different formations.  Just because you're switching up formations and STILL calling the stretch, doesn't mean its a different run play.



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Post on 12/29/2013, 1:15 am by omgahamsandwich

couldn't agree more, recently watched a game yesterday where the guy streaming it seemingly ran a stretch play the entire game, different formations but essentially the same play

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