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Should mjFutures be allowed into MEFL?

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IMPORTANT, Please Read and Vote

Post by chrebet1024

....alright so here it is.  I'm gonna leave it up to YOU, the League to decide.

mjFutures is on the waiting list currently, however I've had many people (in our league and NOT in our league) telling me not to allow him in.

Reasons:  He's been banned from the MaddenSimLeagues community as I confirmed that with the community commish.  And they have only ever banned 5 guys I believe.  He and MXL had some controversy as well.  So not only did 1 league advise me not to let him in but another league with a lot of good credentials also did the same.

Pros:  Everything I hear is that he is a good SIM player and as far as a gameplay aspect he would be a great addition to the league.  Also another good SIM owner in Bird33 would be waiting in the wings too.  This is a package deal with Bird AND mjFutures.  Also we like to think we would give anybody a shot until they show something that would make us think twice.

Cons:  They way we're rolling...why take the risk and subject other owners to something negative (not saying he would be, but from what I hear, could be)?  Is it true that things CAN be overstated and Blown out of proportion when guys are involved in controversy and get banned from a league?  YES.  But it is also my belief that EVERYBODY has at least some fault when something like that happens.

Reputations are what they are.  And as a league we must take it seriously that we only admit solid people. (again not saying he's not, but I've been told many things recently).

It is up to the LEAGUE to decide....and feel free to comment if you want.

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Post on 12/28/2013, 6:02 pm by Qn0sis

Honestly I dont think MSL is sim at all.I have played some of the vets over there and it has been nothing short of cheese and even when it is sim some immature guys reside there.

As stated above anything that happens elsewhere is only really 1 side of the story. I vote yes.

Post on 12/28/2013, 6:06 pm by INDYS_FINEST317

MJ IMO, is a good solid sim guy. And to not let him in on some BS Someone else is screaming is ridiculous.  I say let him in. If he mess up it's on him.

Post on 12/28/2013, 6:43 pm by Spurdaddy_24

I vote yes, but he should be on a short leash

Post on 12/28/2013, 7:06 pm by ddarrendd

I say yes, let him and give him a chance.

Post on 12/28/2013, 7:46 pm by lamigra22

I say give him a chance like the guys before me have posted. I'm just curious what the heck would get someone totally banned from their leagues? They run about 7,000 leagues over there!!

Post on 12/28/2013, 9:07 pm by deathbyeagle

I dont care either way. Ive known MJ for a very very long time. gameplay is fine. Only thing that concerns me with him is he quits lgs a ton after a few weeks and sometimes will do something dumb before he leaves. Since we are at mid season he cant trade away his team like he likes to do and at least this year if he releases big cap players when he goes, teams cap can be reset in franny. So the risk is not as bad as past maddens.

Post on 12/28/2013, 9:51 pm by cea2323


Post on 12/28/2013, 9:58 pm by Zeemen

Ya but sure what the deal is hear everyone has a chance to prove themselves. I have played players 4 years ago and they were not sim but after a year or two they changes for the better and are a joy to play. I have played this guy Mj and bird33 in two different leagues and I have had no issues with these two and I personally don't know them. Mj has experience in running a big league and in my opinion can only help ours. He is a good player and has beaten me as well. I know others have opinions of there own and that's fine we are all entitled to our own. I guess I'd just hate for this great league to not let a guy prove himself. If it doesn't work out then boot him it's that easy.

Post on 12/29/2013, 1:40 am by omgahamsandwich

im for giving chances especially if any shenannigans like making bad deals with your team can be undone

Post on 12/29/2013, 3:43 am by shooter8175

his gameplay is not bad, but the guy is a flake . let him in he wont be here long hopefully he dont wreck his team before he goes

Post on 12/29/2013, 3:44 am by shooter8175

I voted no BTW skip him and on to the next guy

Post on 1/1/2014, 12:06 pm by cheed85

I vote yes to both

Post on 1/2/2014, 10:18 pm by ClaxTKE

voted yes but on short leash and tight on trades

Post on 1/2/2014, 10:20 pm by chrebet1024

he already left the league...him and Bird_33.  Sorry guys no need to vote anymore.

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