Titans/Bengals Trade - APPROVED


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Titans/Bengals Trade - APPROVED

Post by ddarrendd

Titans send HB Chris Johnson 5'11" 191lb 95 OVR 99spd 64str 97acc 93agi 85awr 81elu 91bcv 86car 92jkm 88spm 75sfa 80trk 76cth 75cit 60spc 3 yrs left after this year at 9.5m, 10.5m, and 11.5m. will take 8m cap hit on trading him. Have big contracts on old players expiring this year so not worried about it.

Bengals send
WR Aj Green 6'4" 207lb 96OVR 97cth 92cit 98spc 93rte 97rls 97jmp 91spd 69str 95agi 93acc 88awr 85elu 65trk 92jkm 88spm 76car 87bcv 1 yr left after this year at 5m will take around a 2.5m cap hit on trade.
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Post on 1/13/2014, 7:37 pm by cea2323

Bengals agree

Post on 1/13/2014, 7:40 pm by hellrazor119

Goodbye and good riddance CJ2K out of the division. Vontae Davis v. AJ Green will be a great match up.

Post on 1/17/2014, 7:23 pm by cea2323

Waiting approval...

Post on 1/17/2014, 8:22 pm by chrebet1024

6th and 7th rounders are not allowed to be traded.

So AJ Green for CJ?

Thanks for being detailed...like that alot.  But AGE is thing here.  How old is CJ? 28?

Post on 1/17/2014, 8:29 pm by cea2323


Post on 1/17/2014, 8:33 pm by chrebet1024

I approve on my end.  While I think I'd rather have AJ because of the age....way to close to overturn.

take out the draft picks though.

Post on 1/17/2014, 8:42 pm by ddarrendd

K im good with no draft picks.

Post on 1/17/2014, 8:57 pm by cea2323

Ok waiting approval now that picks out

Post on 1/18/2014, 1:39 pm by cea2323

Need cabbage approval now

Post on 1/19/2014, 11:18 pm by BurntCabbage

I approve

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