Titans requested offseason position changes -- PLEASE READ


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Titans requested offseason position changes -- PLEASE READ

Post by ddarrendd

Would like to move RE Karl Klug 6'3" 275lb to DT as he lacks the mobility to be a balanced 4-3 end like I use.

Would like to move MLB Moise Fokou 6'1" 236lb to an OLB position as he does not possess the pass covering abilities I like my MLB to have.

Would like to move HB Peyton Hillis to FB from HB he is slower than my previous FB but has better strength to be a better blocker.
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Post on 1/20/2014, 6:26 pm by chrebet1024


Hillis just doesn't have the FB Attributes.  The only time period he might have played a little FB was when he played in Denver at the beginning of his career.

His Run Blocking is 57 and Impact Blocking is 64.  Just way too low to be moved to FB.  He is a Power Running HB now.

Post on 1/20/2014, 7:00 pm by titanbrian

No dog in this fight but....

Hills is top 7 in every blocking attribute, including #2 for run block footwork. This is compared to other HB's could be Madden's way of saying he is really good as blocker but as a HB we can't give him better stats, cuz a HB with FB blocking #'s doesn't exist in the game.

Its the opposite of Reece who is a top 5 TE in #'s, but has never played one in real life. So maybe I do have a fighting dog, and will be watching this decision closely, lol

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