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Buccaneers looking for early head start


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Buccaneers looking for early head start Empty Buccaneers looking for early head start

Post by tony87blue

The 1-0 Buccaneers, fresh off their dramatic 14-7 victory over division rival Panthers, welcomed the 0-1 Rams to Tampa Bay for an important early season matchup between two teams looking to start off on the right foot. The Rams came into Tampa Bay looking to forget their 7-26 loss at home to the Vikings and ensure that they not fall behind in a "tough" NFC West with a dreaded 0-2 start. The Buccaneers on the other hand, were looking to build off their strong defensive showing in Week 1 and jump start their offense towards a 2-0 start. At the start of game time, both teams looked ready....question was who wanted it more?

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