Falcons (yd) week 2



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Falcons (yd) week 2

Post by j_bell12

Bengals 16
Falcons 14

This game was a good one. Close throughout. Tough game to give a scouting report that's going to help much because I know Yd generally plays far better then this game showed. I can say his strategy and gameplay were spot on. Both sides of the ball. Got a lot of different looks... Rushing, though not over used or anything, Draws from the SG, maybe a Cpl pistol seemed to be the play he leaned on in his rush attack. But I think he gave up on his run game a bit early. 4 picks thrown certainly didn't help his cause either. Chalk it up to a bad game for his O or a good game for my D. This game could have gone much differently. I can tell ya, on D, he was a beast in the redzone. Tough across th 50 no matter what. Held me to three field goals before I could find the endzone late in the game. And that TD was set up by a pick that left me starting a drive at his 28. Great mix of play call both sides of the ball. Edge blitzers are fast as Hell, he did get plenty of pressure. Sneaky blitzing as well... Timing was good... Just ask Dalton who's still cleaning up the mess in his shorts. Chalk it up to a rough day on offense or he probably would have won this one!

Good clean play. I like close games, in particular when no one resorts to cheese or repetition to shoot for the win!

Great game YD just a rough day on O.

Till next time bud. Gl the rest of the way!
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