Jags Scout(Lonestar)


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Jags Scout(Lonestar)

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Running: most runs go outside. Pitches, counters, offtackles, strong powers. He will get a few inside zones, dive and 01 traps mixed in there but his main runs are outside. His inside runs are out of shotgun, when he lines up in strong close, singleback sets its outside runs. He did use 1 fb dive, probly casue i got 2 fb dives drive before for 25 yards, lol. He didnt try running the QB in this game. He does quick snap like a lobby though so u wont beable to set up anything on defense. Burned me many times off that quick snapping.

Passing: Like running snaps extremely fast, once he gets to line so u cant set up anything. Likes the slant/cross routes and the drag route as his 2nd route. He will do some playaction to post route. Not much mi in the passing game, same stuff mostly. tried a few flats and a screen but most is the slant/cross route with drag combo. Some plays he doesnt even get 2 drop step, snaps and fires.

Defense: Mostly zones, cover 2, cover 3, a few cover 4. Will get in underman as his fav man play. Mixes in a few cover 1 man and a rare cover 0 blitz. Will use a good mix of bump and back off coverage. Users the MLB in this game most of the time and at snap he goes right to strafe and tries to guess where ur going in the middle. Lots of drops in beginning of game, other then that avg defense, nothing that speacial, just tries to surprise u with diff bump and back offs.

Speacial teams: nothing out of reg.

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