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MEFL Offseason - 2017 into 2018 (Season 4 into 5)


Day 1Starting Tuesday Night 3/10/15
Stage 1 : Re-sign Players Deadline: Wednesday 3/11/15 5:00 am et
- Make offers to your potential Free Agents
- List of accepted/rejected offers can be found at MY ACTIONS screen

***At 5: am et is when Free Agency STARTS

Day 2 Starting Wednesday 3/11/15 Morning 5:00 AM et
Stage 2 : Free Agent Offers
 - Deadline: Wednesday 3/11/15 8:00 pm et
- Make offers to Free Agents
- Some Free Agents will accept offers after 8 pm et advance

Stage 4 : Free Agent Offers and Scouting - Deadline: 3/11/15 8:30 pm et
- Rookie Scouting
- Make offers to Free Agents
- Some Free Agents will accept offers after 8:30 pm et advance

Stage 6 : Free Agent Offers and Scouting - Deadline: 3/11/15 9:00 pm et
- Rookie Scouting
- Make offers to Free Agents, No offers after 8 pm et

Stage 7 : Scouting - Deadline For Scouting is Thursday 3/12/15 8:45 pm et
- Last chance to do Rookie Scouting

Day 3 Thursday 3/12/15

Stage 8 : NFL Draft (Rounds 1-7) - Starts at 9:00 pm et Thursday 3/12/15
- Via PS4, do NOT be late
The Draft will last approximately 2-3 Hours

Stage 9 : Rookie Signings
- Done automatically

Once Draft is COMPLETE
- Everybody will have 10 minutes to execute their Rookie Position Changes that were ALREADY APPROVED BY ME VIA TEXT.
- Then, we will have a "Free Agent Frenzy" for 10 minutes, at which point we advance to preseason.
- We will do the preseason the SAME way
- There will be 10 minutes in between each preseason week advance.

****The absolute LATEST you have in order to REQUEST A ROOKIE POSITION CHANGE is 10 minutes AFTER THE DRAFT.  The procedure to do this is as follows:
1. You must text slicksilverman your request
2. You can make the position change in those 10 minutes AFTER the draft ends IF it is APPROVED by me via text back.
--The best way to go is to request these changes DURING THE DRAFT.  Do not wait until the last moment.

****You MAY trade DRAFT PICK ONLY TRADES during the draft.  
--Remember this though...we will be HIGHLY critical about these trades if any of theme seem lopsided.
--SUSPENSIONS CAN be handed down if a trade during the draft seems too lopsided.

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