Personnel Matching


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Personnel Matching

Post by chrebet1024

Below is our "Personnel Matching" guidelines.

YOU MUST MATCH PERSONNEL.  A Nickel against 3 WR's, a Dime/Quarter against 4/5 WR's and Base against 2 WR's.

The reason it's not SET IN STONE is because THERE ARE instances in which the DEFENSE DOESN'T have to match personnel....BUT those instances should be VERY RARE.

Please read below:

Personnel Matching
Defenses need to match personnel just like on Sundays.  This is how football works….the offense sends out the personnel and the defense then counters it by sending out theirs.  This means calling Nickel against 3 WR’s, a 4-3/3-4/46 against 2 WR’s, Dime against 4 WR’s and so on.
*The Defense should NEVER be picking their play before the offense does.
*And NOT MATCHING PERSONNEL should be a RARE THING. ****This has ALWAYS BEEN HERE in the Rules
--2 WR's = Base Defense (3-4, 4-3, 4-6)
--3 WR's = Nickel Defense
--4 or 5 WR's = Dime or Quarter Defense

*Situations also factor into personnel matching.  While matching is critical, it is of course not necessary that you match every play.  There are situations in which it won’t happen.  The most famous in a SIM league being 3rd and long when the offense puts out a base formation of 2 WR’s in the hopes the defense will put out a base.  It would be silly for the defense to put out a base defense in that situation.
*Another great example is if a defense is going up against a WR like TE in the mold of Jimmy Graham and they don't want to get repeatedly torched by him if a LB or Safety is on him every play.  The defense in this situation has every right and explanation to be playing a dime vs 3 wr or a nickel against base.  The defense is really taking a risk as the offense would be able to run the ball a lot easier, but this is the norm in the NFL these days.  Just make sure you have reasoning behind your play and do not abuse personnel matching.


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Post on 2/27/2014, 10:44 am by titanbrian

The defend SHOULD never pick first, but i admit in a prevent situation, you're getting the quarter and I'll pick first so not to be swayed out of my decision. Even wildcat has pass plays, lol. Also if my opponent likes to run out of 4 WR sets allot, I'm not against having am extra LB in sometimes

Post on 2/27/2014, 4:35 pm by chrebet1024

...fur sure. There are exceptions. BUT guys have been getting away from this a little too much.

Post on 2/27/2014, 4:46 pm by chrebet1024

...the POINT of these rules...and other rules like to have all owners learn and realize that certain gameplay rules shouldn't be written in stone. Why treat everybody like a baby?

The reason for rules like so guys can LEARN to play the right way...and learn overtime to call a great game without the micromanagement of strict rules.

...that's why it says "you MUST match"....although in certain occasions you don't have to. It's a learning process that will be greatly beneficial going forward, IMO.

Post on 2/27/2014, 5:44 pm by deathbyeagle

i havent seen any issues this madden but a few times. Most follow the old school rule of 1 DB + or - if ur not mtached up perfect. Really all depends on offenses scheme and personal. Who is their TEs, who is the HB. Big diff between a lynch and reggie bush on what i would call. TEs like Davis and Cook it doesnt even matter, u can be screwed either way. I normally wont have a probly unless someone is calling dime or dollar all game vs 2 wr sets. But havent seen that yet and if i did, id run up the gut all day long. But so far in all leagues havent seen any real issues with anything like that

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