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MEFL Sliders

Fg accuracy 65

Injuries 57 (+1 week 10)

Fatigue 57

Defensive Pass Interference (55) (-5 week 10)

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This audit was done HB's slotted in the FB depth chart. Next MEFL week we will be rechecking this list and cb's slotted in at the FS and SS depth chart.

Hb Murray 2 games
Hb Helu 2 games

Hb M. Jones (Jeakes is new)

Hb B. Cunningham 2 games

Hb M. Asiata 2 games

B. Dixon 2 games
B. Brown 2 games

52/53 #3 wr A Hawkins 2 games

B. Rainey 2 games
C. Sims 2 games


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Several violations in your game vs. Bengals.

Kicking arc still on, this was a rule last year and we've warned everyone this year...L.McCoy suspended 2 games.

Not matching personnel: rule states you can add an extra CB if needed, but 18 times in quarter formation is someone who doesn't know or didn't care about the rules......M.Dareus suspended 6 games

Please remove these two players from your depth chart, and accept suspension by replying to this thread.

I've played as your opponent many times and never had a complaint, I reached out to you on groupme,...

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No fancy table, just business

Ortiz 25- - 1 (times didn't match)
Flybad - 1 (times didn't match)
Tuck -3 (Family stuff)(puh quit)(schedule w Otis)
RX -1 (no response)
Tex -1 (rx no show) (scheduling didnt match)
Burnt -1
TSparks -1
Bnd -1 (Opponent late)
Socal -1 (something came up)
Dbe -1 (socal cancelled)
TBrian -1 (scheduling didnt match)
Bbw -1 (didnt schedule)
Otis -1 (schedule w Tuck)

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Any team already over 3 million in cap penalties

Patriots 3.6
Saints 3.41
Steelers 3.13
Titans 11.7
Broncos 3.47
Cards 5.18
Chiefs 4.45
Cowboys 7.59
49ers 3.84
Giants 3.98
Packers 3.28

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This is everyones last warning about signing guys to 5-6-7 years without a picture. Every guy signed to one of these contracts they will sit out 16 MEFL weeks. This is so teams dont bury money in long term deals where all the money is back loaded.

When starting a game both players are held responsible for posting on groupme that the game is starting. Many owners like watching the games.

Please check the table...

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Raiders 52/53

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Mlb Brandon Spikes
Fb Brian Leonard
Lt Jake Long

Rt Paul Cornick
LG Reese Dismukes

C Brian De La Puente

DT Taylor
Fb Hyonski

C Chris Myers

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Mvp vj newman 49ers
Coach of the year shooter
Super bowl
Oakland 15-14 49ers
Sb mvp matt mcgloin

Afc championship
Oakland 51-indy 49
Nfc championship
Sf 45 dallas 38

Oakland 26- pitt 6
Ind 37 buffalo 24
Sf28 tb 21
Dallas 31 detroit 28

Ind 24 sd 14
Dallas 30 stl 27
Pitt 31 tenn 24
Tb 41 seattle 0

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MEFL is and always have mature members, it's what holds the league together more than anything. Today we lost a longtime member, SD, he's had a checkered past, banned himself on the chat. A few days after rejoining it was obvious he made a mistake rejoining the groupme.   All in all he was a solid owner but enough is enough as far as disrespecting others. We will not tolerate childish or obnoxious behavior.

Please do not invite SD back to groupme

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Rule 1:
Going forward, No more offering contracts 6 or 7 years unless the player is looking for a contract with those length. Proof of picture is needed for a contract with these terms. The reason being, we don't even get to 7 years so we never have to deal with the crazy 2 last years. (Penalty for breaking this rule would be to release the player. The player would then sit in FA until the offseason FA bidding.)

Rule 2:
I'd like to try this now. We can only resign guys for the first 3 weeks of the season. After that the player choose to test the market. We still we be...

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Alright folks looks like it's around that time again we need to remind people that this is NOT ok. Playing the computer to stat pad in order to reach your goals is very bad and ruins the integrity of our league. When up against the computer late in the first you should not be running no huddles, burning your timeouts, running the same play over and over just to reach your year-end goals. I might not have as much of a problem with people just wanting to play and running their offense if they subbed in all backups, that is not the case here. Your punishment as follows :


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I should be home around 6-7 tonight. If you want auto we need proof of no response. Other than Clax, everyone remaining is active.

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Anyone having issues communicating with their opponent send me a text, and send me a picture of the text messages you sent 617-823-2596 by 4 pm Est today also show proof of no response

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Afc East
Bills Flybad/ pk
Miami BBw/ SoCal / hungry
Pats Jbell/ Rafa

Afc North (jersey shore)
Pitt HD/ Kac607
Ravens RX
Browns Pocket

Afc West
Oakland Shooter
San Diego SD
Denver clax? Fallen dbe (2)

Afc South
Colts Burnt


NFC East
NY Giants Tampa? Fire
Dallas bld/ yd/ Ortiz (2)
Washington frank
Philly slick/ hd/ Fran/ jersey shore/ dbe/ tuck

NFC north
Chicago TBrian?...

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Anyone having issues communicating with their opponent send me a text, and send me a picture of the text messages you sent 617-823-2596 by 3 pm Est

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Anyone looking for auto of their opponents tonight need to text 617-823-2596 or pm me by 3:00 pm Est., not going through the same stuff last advance

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Tony drew his line in the sand, left the group of us, (slick, hd, Fran) and also including Chreb, (he contributed his opinion) with no choice but to remove him. That's the way Tony wanted it. Some of you have explained your frustrations but we can't have anyone member draw line himself and intentionally step over it and then say I'm not sitting anyone, I'm not leaving, you have to boot me.

It sucks Tony all in all is a good member but his stubbornness got the best of him.

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This has nothing to do with the game stats. This suspension is all about (1) super simming with out asking and (2) not broadcasting the game without any notice.

Dbe sit Christine Micheal for 10 games for these two infractions.

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If you want to complain about a player, follow the correct procedure and file a formal complaint. A perfect breakdown of a Game. No one should be going on our chat or text messaging their grief. Slandering scouting reports will not be tolerated.


OLB Demario Davis - 2 Games


FS Eric Weddle - 1 Game

Please remove entirely from your depth chart.

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Game resulted in a disconnect with :06 left with the Broncos leading.

Raiders/ Shooter will be put on auto for this game.

Shooter did broadcast game 1 which resulted in a disconnect.

He also tried to do game 2 but got connecting to opponents message. So he stopped twitch. He then messaged Slick to make us aware he wasn't broadcasting.

These two are like oil and vinegar, without the video it's hard to say anything.

Clax for accusing Shooter of quitting you have to play this game without:
Qb Brock Osweiler

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Please sit Earl Thomas III FOR 3 games for slandering against Flybad on your scouting report. What we want to do here is factually scout opponents. No more seemed like, felt like. With archiving games we can escalate our scout reports.

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Based on a lot of chatter I've been hearing, I'm thinking about coming back to at least "stay around it."

See in my mind, I thought we'd stay strong regardless of me being in the league or not.  It's tough freaking thing though and a bunch of guys need to help.

The group we have is still solid, but we need to recruit more.

...and the website stuff needs to be kept up with, which takes a "maniac" to do.

As long as you guys are ok with it, I want to come back with a team in each league, BUT the understanding that I will miss games needs...

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It's definitely time for me to step away from playing in and running the league.  I do love playing here, but the time it takes to play my games, family life, my work life, and all that comes with running the league has just become too much for me right now.  I can hardly find time to really do things that need to be done, with the league and otherwise.  That and the fact that I've been playing in a league year round, nonstop since M11.  I just need a break.  Earlier tonight I gave in game league ownership to Slick.  How you guys want the league to run and who you want to run it is up to you.  I...

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FB: Rashad Jennings violation, playing as second string fullback

FB: Ryan Mathews violation, playing as backup fullback

SS: Markese Mcclendon(CB) playing backup ss

Need clarification on defensive playstyle, has 3-4 personnel in all but rolb where Carl Bradford (mlb) is starting

FS/SS: Kyle Arrington(cb) playing backup fs AND ss

FB Roy Helu (hb) playing backup fb

C: Riley Reiff(LT) playing as STARTING center


LOLB: Mathis...

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Bears have cb's on S depth charts
Briggs at MLb?

Denver cb at s
Starters in back up

Browns Hb at FB
Starters at back ups

Cards starters at back ups
Cb at 3rd S's

Chiefs starters at backups
JUST Johnson backing up at ROLB (new owner?)

Colts starters as back ups

Cowboys cb at S's

Dolphins Hb at FB


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I now believe the Playstation network is now back up. I was not able to sign on regularly, but I was able to after a workaround which I will post.

Advance to week 10 is scheduled for Tuesday night 12/30 at 10pm et.

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Advance is postoned until further notice. Once PSN is back and fully funational I will make an announcement on the advance date and time.

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To play in the MEFL you MUST use the league website. You should at least sign on every other day.  Below you will find a list of out current owners who have not signed onto the website in 3 or more days.  This is not acceptable and will have to be corrected to remain in the league.

Zeemen (Chiefs) - Corrected

TommyGunn1919 (Colts) - Booted

Born2Win (Dolphins) - Booted

Spurdaddy24 (Saints) - Corrected

*I sent a PM and text to everyone of you.  You have 24 hours to correct this.  Thanks.

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Due to the upcoming Christmas holiday we will be postponing the week 10 advance which would normally occur Thurday night 12/25 at 10pm et. Instead this advance will take place Friday night 12/26 at 10pm et.

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I have to leave from playing and commishing both leagues ASAP.

I was notified today that I'm going to start writing for, and it's impossible for me to have anytime to even play my games.  I have too much stuff going on right now with all that.  I've been struggling keeping up all during M15 as it is.

After each season, I'll come back and help out with the history, hopefully keeping that updated....but aside from that, for a while I'm gonna be gone.

It sucks, but I have to do it right now.

I'm going to put the Jets in default and Packers in...

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17 td's in 7 games from your rookie HB is just not going to work for me. No one is even close to the pace your setting. I suspending him 2 games. Please remove HB Lee Ajala from your depth chart for your week 9 and 10 games. Thank you.

by BurntCabbage - Comments: 8 - Views: 264
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You have traded away your third player during the trade period.  This is over the limit.  Guys need to be responsible for their own team without needing the commish to step in and say "you can't do that."  Of course a friendly reminder is always fine...but it's not caught all the time.

WR Cordarelle Paterson is suspended for 8 games
--Please remove him from your depth chart entirely.

The Redskins were just suspended for the same thing only a week ago:

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 11 - Views: 323
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I don't have time for this crap.

There are rules in place for a reason, and suspensions are a necessary aspect every league needs to run the right way.  Nobody "wants" to suspend anybody.

We can vote on rules anytime, and bring up the topic of changing rules.  I'm all for it.  But when you mock a suspension because you "feel" a rule is "weak," then you're going to be gone and we'll find somebody else.

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For the last TD by the defense against the Titans.  Up 34-0 with 2 minutes remaining.  A 35+ yard fumble recovery run back.

CB Vontae Davis Suspended for 2 games (Week 6 and Week 7)

Please accept on a reply.

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 0 - Views: 183
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Skins, Giants and come these two guys were dropped and signed instead of traded?

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 10 - Views: 289
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For submitting a trade proposal in which you were already at your max of 2 players acquired....OL Riley Reiff has been suspended for 4 games.  Please remove him from depth chart ENTIRELY.

For a trade to be already approved, it's not fair to the Lions/other team to reverse it.  Regardless of us catching it or not, owners have to be more aware on their trade max limits.

Let me know you got this message and you accept suspension...thanks.

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 4 - Views: 252
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Bears have cb's on S depth charts
Briggs at MLb?

Denver cb at s
Starters in back up

Browns Hb at FB
Starters at back ups

Cards starters at back ups
Cb at 3rd S's

Chiefs starters at backups

Colts starters as back ups

Cowboys cb at s

Dolphins Hb at FB

Eagles starters as backup

Falcons starters as backups

Giants cb at s
Starters at backup

Jags- said he had to fix it today

Packers starters as back ups

Raiders starters as back...

by Ra-fa_br - Comments: 1 - Views: 187
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Htown out, DBE back in

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 0 - Views: 191
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Colts Southrncal not sure if he has played an MEFL game yet?

Bears Redskinzhog 0 archives not sure if he has played a game yet?
Arizona Fallen2244 0 archives multi season vet
Rams ddarendd 2 archives vs CPU none vs h2h Not sure if it is connection issues but 2 h2h broadcasts :11 each

by Ra-fa_br - Comments: 4 - Views: 224
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I literally only had to watch the first quarter...but I watched the entire first half for shits and gigs.

Redskinzhog, this league is just not for you.  It's almost as if you read our rules, and then decided to do the exact opposite as far as gameplay is concerned.

I mean, this rule, our biggest rule, is pretty clear in the rulebook:  "This is the Golden Rule: NEVER abuse any 1 thing"

In the first half.....
--you ran around 15 power run plays, sprinkled some counter and zone in there.

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 27 - Views: 633
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Sorry in advance Clax, this ones gonna hurt.  You are going to have players suspended due to a serious gameplay violation that i have video evidence of.  In your game against the Bills recently there was a play in which you ran a modified cover 2 man.  You manually put the DT in a deep blue zone which is against the rules and in the process only rushed 2 defenders which is also against the rules.  Here's a link to the video.  The violation occurs exactly 45 minutes in in the 3rd quarter with 7:16 left.

by BurntCabbage - Comments: 2 - Views: 247
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So, at the 2 minute mark in the 4th quarter between Bengals and Ravens, a little something went down.

Ravens:  WR Torrey Smith suspended for 2 games
Bengals:  RB Chuckie Fuller suspended for 1st Half of play of next game. (You may re-insert him at halftime)

....please remove these guys fully from depth chart for given time suspended.

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 2 - Views: 226
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Not gonna stand for this crap.

Broncos Suspensions:
RB Montee Ball: 5 Games
WR Demaryious Thomas:  5 Games AND the Playoffs

Raiders Suspensions:
RB Rod Streater: 2 Games

***Please remove these 3 players from your depth chart COMPLETELY

Here's the deal...I've noticed a few high-scoring games between you both, with a TON of turnovers.  It comes when teams are trying to make an unrealistic comeback and throw the ball without any regard for integrity.

ClaxTKE:  It is COMPLETELY unacceptable...

by chrebet1024 - Comments: 9 - Views: 380
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Here's a warning for you guys.

Because I'm back, we'll have more eyes on these boxscores.  Be careful when it comes to boosting stats for individual players.

When scores are lopsided, it's a huge indication that players shouldn't have a ridiculous amount of touches when other guys on the team don't have any touches.

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For inactivity and simmed games.  Aragorn will be taking over the Lions.

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PK I am suspending QB Blake Bortles and SS Jonathan Cyprien for 8 games each for quitting a game against an owner.  This was admitted by you and to make matters worse the reason you broke the no quit rule is because you entered the game after having broke the depth chart rule.  Two rules were broken here.  Only entering the game with 1 qb is unacceptable and quitting the game is done under no circumstances ever and usually results in a permanent boot.

I am also suspending HB Denard Robinson for 2 games for not completing an approved trade before deadline.  It has come to my knowledge...

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I am suspending TE Deion Love for 2 games for not completing an approved trade before deadline.  It has come to my knowledge that the Blackmon trade from season 1 was not completed in it's entirety.  This is not allowed.  All approved trades must be completed in game after approved.  Please removed Love from your depth chart.  He will be available tom play again in week 11.  Please agree by replying.

by BurntCabbage - Comments: 1 - Views: 209
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Aaron Rodgers is suspended for the remainder of the season/playoffs due to you stopping play and causing a DC in a game which Rodgers got injured.  Please remove him from your depth chart immediately .

Agree by replying .

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So, check it out....Tony is now the 2nd commish with Cabbage.  I'll still be around to help out, but I haven't been around enough to be a commish, just have too many things going on.

I'll still be the 2nd guy on Trades and the lone guy for player position changes....but you have Tony as Admin on the game now to help Cabbage out with Auto Pilots and such.

Suspensions will still be Cabbage.

Rafa and guys still with us on Broadcasting and Rosters?

Cabbage is the final voice and authority of this league.  Tony is the...

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