the perfect trade



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the perfect trade

Post by titanbrian

I put J.Joesph on the block for two weeks, i contemplated his age and salary, and asked for a 2nd round pick.
No takers

Before the Draft i said i would give him to the highest bidder and a 3rd pick was all i got. This becomes his value. I can drop him and get nothing, or take a 3rd.

Wouldn't this be a trade that would HAVE to go through?

Wasn't his value established properly?

The perfect trade would be one in that both partys win and everyone in the league sees as fair. This could be accomplished with 32 great owners looking after their squads.

Of course we have turnover, rookie owners, potential collusion, misrepresented overall ratings, all things that require guidance by the commissioners to maintain integrity.

Our system works fine, but in the situation above what somebody thinks he is worth, becomes overridden by what he is really worth.
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Post on 3/18/2014, 1:16 pm by Lord_Deniki

He does have good attributes, but that 11.5 mil salary is killer and he is around 31 years old I think... If a 3rd is the best you get that's his value. I don't see a problem in trading him for a 3rd.

Post on 3/18/2014, 9:28 pm by tcmagic97

yea...after this all i was forced to add another third to this deal in order to get it to go through, when for titan it didnt even matter. All he wanted to do was get some value for a guy that he wanted to get rid of no matter what. while i ended up getting the 3rd back in the draft, still i feel like after the process that titan went through shopping joseph, that trade shoulda gone thru first time. this isnt some superstar like a brady or manning, but rather a good cb...but aging with a huge salary

Post on 3/18/2014, 10:46 pm by chrebet1024

...the market for a guy is what you can get for him.

Cabbage and I are only here to stop those ridiculous trades that shouldn't go through....or collusion.

Absolutely is was a good trade on both sides. You did have him on the market for a while. If we vetoed based on what WE thought (when it came to who was getting the better end of it)...then NO trade would ever go through...because you always choose a side....RARELY do you think it's completely even.

We intend to only be here to protect the overall interests of everybody. Only get in the way if necessary.

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