no scouting reports


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no scouting reports

Post by tony87blue

Only because he mentioned it in the fake scout i created for him...

Zeemen admitted to not doing them Wink

Idk if others aren't either...maybe titanbrian should get busy

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Post on 9/14/2014, 6:13 pm by Zeemen

Not sure why it's even necessary as games are taped. I know u spend your free time trying to find ways to take players out but really do u think after playing owners in my division 2-3 times a season x 7 seasons that our game reports are going to change much. No and I've talked to many here and even one of the higher ups about this and weekly scouting should be optional and go watch film if u need.

Post on 9/14/2014, 9:16 pm by tony87blue

Yup....looking for a way to weaken the great masterzee Wink

Talk to whomever you want....until th3 rules are changed then you have gone 2 wks without meeting requirements while others have done as required.

Post on 9/15/2014, 8:34 am by titanbrian

I think they should go away also. The nfl uses game film and so should we. We have a game play praise/complaint section already, which is what people are using the scout reports for.

Tony, you're like that kid in school that rats people out all day. The rules say there its no time limit to complete them, last year i did end of season reports. If YOU need to get busy, you can take that job and do them whenever you want.

Post on 9/15/2014, 8:38 am by chrebet1024

...the rule is once a week, from Sunday to Sunday.

Two separate issues here.

1. Following the rules the way they currently stand
2. Deciding on whether we "should" do scouting reports BC of our other available tools.

I'm all for #2 if the majority of the league agrees..BUT rules cannot be ignored just BC someone feels a certain way.  That leads to chaos and anarchy.

Post on 9/15/2014, 9:07 am by tony87blue

^ what she said ^ ..... maybe chreb should appoint someone that knows their role Wink

Post on 9/15/2014, 9:10 am by tony87blue

and for the record, i didnt rat no one out....zeemen pointed it out himself in the dummy scout report i created for his Bears.

also, i dont care to do scouting reports either but i do them because the rules state so! if they are done away with then great, if not then i'll continue to do my 1 per week as the rules have stated since the beginning of the season.

Post on 9/15/2014, 12:50 pm by Zeemen

Do u know how many people do not do them. Don't act like I'm the only one. Many can't stand to do them. U want to repetitive sentences from me fine great but there are lots of weeks not done by so many people. Think of it this way we on week. 7-8 and I've had one done on me. What's that tell ya. So go do your investigating your the man. We should def revisit this.

My last opponent did everything good on O and D. I saw nothing that anyone can pick up on he was balanced. Hope that helps you tony in your game.

Post on 9/15/2014, 12:59 pm by tony87blue

i stated in my original posts that i dont know if others are abiding by the rules either!! maybe you should try reading a lil bit Wink

you're probably not the only one not doing them, you're right....that's why the attention needs to be brought to it. either you change the rule or you start to implement the rule!

again, i could care less which way it goes....i do what the rules tell me and that's the point in this thread. thanks for bringing that upon yourself with your comment in your fake scout report i made for you lol

Post on 9/15/2014, 3:58 pm by shooter8175

tony87blue wrote:Only because he mentioned it in the fake scout i created for him...

Zeemen admitted to not doing them Wink

Idk if others aren't either...maybe titanbrian should get busy

raiders have 1 report from jets week 1

not even a report from texans

Post on 9/15/2014, 4:32 pm by titanbrian

For the record you ratted me out, saying i should get busy. Thanks shooter for confirming i need to get busy even though Tony already established that.


Post on 9/15/2014, 5:07 pm by BurntCabbage

So much dry snitching in this thread....

Post on 9/15/2014, 5:17 pm by tony87blue

call it what you want....we have rules and some people are abiding by them!! so either make a change in the rules or something needs to be done to the ones that arent doing their part!

Post on 9/15/2014, 6:35 pm by chrebet1024

No doubt about it there are more not doing them....but what is this???  Do you guys understand how crappy it is to hear that guys aren't doing them because others aren't.  Or just because you "feel" like they shouldn't be in the rules, that you don't "have" to do them? that logic, Deathbyeagle has the "right" to go for it on 4th down bc he "felt" like it was the right decision even tho it was against the rules.

We can definitely talk about removing them....but man, that's crappy to hear.

Post on 9/15/2014, 7:07 pm by BurntCabbage

damn......why do i feel like i just disappointed my father?

Post on 9/15/2014, 8:48 pm by Zeemen

I agree with what u said Chrebet but the going fir it on 4 th changes a win or loss. As fir myself and others I don't win or lose based on a scout report I don't even read them. So I thing the going for it is much worse then owners not writing a scout report. Again my vote is it to be optional and I heard plenty wish the same. I do think we should vote on this to be optional.

Post on 9/15/2014, 8:53 pm by Zeemen

Scratch that I just saw where u made it optional. I'm really sure people didn't write them to just be asses as for me it's it was a more of a time thing. Some of us between work and family are happy to get that one hour game in. Also I'm sure many will still write them.

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