FA Draft Results


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FA Draft Results

Post by chrebet1024

FA Draft Order:

Jags 72
Bucs 73--------Allen (DE)
Raiders 74
Bills 75
Cards 75-------Rhodes (S)
Browns 76
Rams 76
Vikings 76------Hardin (S)
Eagles 77------Pouha (DT)
Jets 77--------Sentef (S)
Steelers 77----Winfield (CB)
Titans 77------Hester (FB)
Chargers 78----Phillips (S)
Giants 78
Lions 79-------Moss (WR)
Panthers 79
Redskins 80----Huff (S)
Texans 80
Dolphins 82
Cowboys 83
Bears 84
Falcons 85
Bengals 86
Colts 86
Ravens 86-----Rainey (RB)
Saints 86
Chiefs 87------Llyod (WR)
Packers 87
Pats 88--------Rout (CB)
49ers 89
Broncos 90
Seahawks 90

Ok everybody....13 Owners took advantage of the FA Draft.  You all have until 8 pm et TOMORROW NIGHT, 11/21/13 to SIGN YOUR 1 GUY that you drafted.  If you do NOT sign him by that time then he will go back into the player pool.

Tomorrow at 10 pm et is when we will open up FREE AGENCY FOR GOOD.  I will be on the transaction report up until 10 pm et....so if I see anybody sign a guy EARLY, then you will be penalized severely!!!!!  Please wait until your CELL PHONE says 10 pm et to start signing guys. 

The Season Starts at 11 pm et tomorrow....start scheduling those games!!!


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