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Bears Scout(zeeman)

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Running: Outside strecthes, tosses and a few strong powers, and counters. Most runs go outside. His most susccessful runs were the HB dives he got in there a few times. He wont try and run the QB at all. Not moves, just get the ball and aim for a hole.

Passing: Kinda had a idea of his style watching tony's game. Likes to move Marshall all over the field in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wr spots. Some plays hes even listed as the R1 rec on the outside which was strange but soemthing to look at if u highlight a rec which I would recommend. I hightlighted Marshall all game knowing he is his target most of the game. He had 6 cths, but tons more that went his way so he is the key. Almost all passes are inside routes. His top two are drags and the slant/cross route. If his Hb goes outside u can bet he is looking for him on the deep pass so swap the highlight and cov dbs to that side. Will get some playaction in there. i tried to play more 4-3, 3-4 to keep LBs and players more inside to cover his fav got to routes and worked pretty good. he scored 1 offense TD this game.

Defense: Good mix of zones mostly. he really likes to show blitz style(8 in the box) def and bump and run most of the game. However u know its a zone most of the time hoping ull throw into coverage which I did once for a pick 6. he users the MLB and tries to cover the middle and get the run. Inside runs did very well agasint him. He mostly likes the cover 3, cover 3 style zone blitzes and cover 2. Did get a few man blitzes in there but not much man played.

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