Theories on how to solve error code


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Theories on how to solve error code

Post by chrebet1024


while this is still happening...there are still no DEFINITE answers on how to FIX the solution.

Only Theories.....and here are some of those theories.....

1.  The last update (v 1.51) has corrupted a madden file somewhere in your system.  You'd have to find that corrupted file (by "loading" each madden file separately you'll be able pinpoint the corrupted file and delete it.

2.  Because the last PSN update (v 1.51) was uploaded through the console....another theory is you can go the the PS website and download the version to your USB memory stick, then take it and download it to your console.
(ask Dankfaded247 about that one as he tried it and it didn't work)  he knows how to do this if you choose to try it.

3.  Simply a poor connection issue (or something in your connection not working with last psn update).  If you put your console in a STATIC IP address state and ENABLE DMZ mode for that specific IP ADDRESS, then your connection will be set with all ports being cleared.
...this is very easy to do.  Google it as it will help you.

1. Hard Wire your PS4 (which we all should do anyway)
2. Go to network settings
3. Setup Internet connection
4. use a Lan cable (must be hard wired)
5. choose custom
6. choose manual
7. Enter all of your specific information
--Ip adress:  this would be YOUR STATIC IP adress (you would need to pick one that falls "OUTSIDE" of your WIRELESS ROUTER range.  Meaning if your wireless router range "dynamically" picks up Ip addresses from the numbers of thru, then choose something OUT OF THAT RANGE, like
--Subnet Mask: 
--Default Gateway:
--Primary DNS:
--Secondary DNS:
...those last 4 you can get simply from calling your internet provider.
8. MTU settings choose "automatic"
9. Proxy Server choose "do not use"

.....then TEST CONNECTION.  Once that is confirmed you have set up your STATIC IP.  As long as you DON'T switch over to Wireless, then your ps4 will stay in a STATIC IP STATE, HARDWIRED of course.

1.  Go to your ROUTER SETTINGS INTERNET WEB PAGE.  You can find this address on your Router on the sticker on the bottom.  That or type in your default IP address into the URL.
2.  Each site is different, so you mush find the section where you can enable DMZ mode.  Could be under "applications and gaming" or "ports."
3.  ENABLE DMZ MODE for your SPECIFIC STATIC IP ADDRESS that you set up.  For the example I showed above, you would enable DMZ mode for IP ADRESSS (would be different for everybody because of location obviously)

...again, these are all theories....if somebody knows anything further let us know.  But to do the Static IP and DMZ mode can only help your connection.  So doing this would be a good thing regardless of whether the error is happening to you or not.

As far as advancing to Week 2 goes, we will let everybody know tomorrow on what we're going to do with that.  We don't want games to be simmed because of this nonsense.

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Post on 11/23/2013, 7:51 pm by chrebet1024


it just makes no effin sense.

So I started out with a static IP and DMZ enabled....didn't work with tightjeandad.  Took dmz off. Didn't work another 2 times.  We both checked our files to see if anything was corrupted. Nothing was.

So we both have WIRED connections with nothing special setup after that.  We tried 2 times and didn't work.  Tried a 3rd time with wired connections and nothing special set up and it WORKED. I have no idea what to make of it.

I would just say this.  Load ur files seperately and make sure nothing is corrupted.  Have a WIRED connection (no extra needed to set up)....and it worked for us.  First 2 times NO, 3rd time yes.

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