Burntcabbage Retires


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Burntcabbage Retires

Post by BurntCabbage

It's definitely time for me to step away from playing in and running the league.  I do love playing here, but the time it takes to play my games, family life, my work life, and all that comes with running the league has just become too much for me right now.  I can hardly find time to really do things that need to be done, with the league and otherwise.  That and the fact that I've been playing in a league year round, nonstop since M11.  I just need a break.  Earlier tonight I gave in game league ownership to Slick.  How you guys want the league to run and who you want to run it is up to you.  I gave the ownership to slick because I trust that he will get that ownership to the next person appointed to run the league.

As my last act as commish & In regards to the Patriots ownership, I want to make sure JrBell gets the Patriots if he would like them in M16.  Upon my retirement if JrBell would like to swith to the Patriots for the remainder of M15 I would like him to do so.  In the event JrBell does not want the Patriots either for the remainder of M15 or M16, I would like Rafa to be able to switch to them or claim them for M16.

I really enjoyed playing with all of you.  This league truely has some of the best owners.  Thank you.
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Post on 2/3/2015, 11:27 pm by j_bell12

Wow!! Sad to see your going bro.. I started season 2 in 2011, only missed a little more then a season when the ps4 switch happened. Quite a crew back then! Not that there's anything wrong with the owners that have come since... Good guys, that's probably all that has kept me playing the last Cpl years. But, at the same time I too am a family man, it's definitely not easy and I don't have the responsibilies to the league that you do. I can't imagine my phone going off that much, it's bad enough now! I know I speak for a lot of owners when I say thanks for all the work you put in. And hopefully you come back at some point! Madden aside, I wish you and your family the very best! As for the Pats. Without question I will take the Pats for M16. I will keep the Bengals for the remainder of M15, so if rafa would like them for the rest of M15 he's welcome to switch them. Since 2011 I've only been four teams... Jags, Vikes, Bengals and Pats. Good or bad, I started with Cinci this year, so I'll finish with them. But for M16, I definately want to make the switch!

(I honestly thought you would retire by video with a podium and some tears... Etc... Wtf? Lol Jk)
Well Cabbage, I hate to see you go. However, I can relate. If I required more sleep then 4 hours there's no way I could play either!
Thanks again bro.

Cracking a beer and twisten one up in your honor bud! Lol

Post on 2/4/2015, 12:13 am by ClaxTKE

Damn, Cabbage.

You did a great job while you were here. Can't wait to have you back for Madden's next installment if you are able to find the time. Good luck with everything.

Post on 2/4/2015, 9:19 am by j_bell12

Top Story!

Post on 2/4/2015, 9:21 am by Ra-fa_br

Job well done, hate to see you go. Thanks for ALL the time you've put into making this a great league, I'll be saluting you tonight as well.

Go Pats

Post on 2/4/2015, 6:25 pm by Flybad

Hate to see you go. Totally understand. I know I have a hard time balancing game time and family...u have a lot more to deal with than I do. Good luck to you and thank you for being a great competitor and everything that you have done for the leagues.

Post on 2/5/2015, 1:08 am by shooter8175

Good riddance

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