Texans Scouting Report


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Texans Scouting Report

Post by deathbyeagle


Running: Runs to the right. Runs to the left. Runs outside. Runs inside.

Passing: Throws the ball to the WRs. Throws the ball to the TEs. Throws to the HBs

Defense: PLays man defense, cover 1, cover 2, blitz. Plays zone defense, cover 2, cover 3, cover 4, zone blitzs.

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Post on 2/19/2015, 9:28 am by tony87blue

once again caught slandering your opponents!! i seen TB use cover 6!!!

Post on 2/19/2015, 12:49 pm by titanbrian

True, but it was at the end of the game when he already had me beat, and I was just screwing around

Post on 9/14/2015, 9:26 am by mishafp

Offense: His key offensive strategy is runs up the middle and passes across the middle deep to his TE. Will also try a good amount of rollouts (always to the right), but Hoyer is too slow/bad to really make those work, so may need to abandon them until he gets a new QB.

Defense: Runs a lot of zone, and crashes the run, which should make him vulnerable to the deep ball off of playaction- in theory- if you have the personnel. However, make sure to leave a double team block to Watt's side, because every time I tried to take advantage of the run crash blitz with a play action, Watt just destroyed the play despite the receiver being open deep. Pretty much impossible to run on if he knows you are running it on 2d and 3d and short, so I'd actually go to pass in those situations. I did the opposite- ran on 3d and short- and got nowhere time after time. I scored a total of 10 points, with 7 coming off of a short field after a turnover, so basically I could do nothing all game, especially with the run.

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