TE and RB leading your team in Receptions and Yards



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TE and RB leading your team in Receptions and Yards

Post by RxDispenser

So, just played dterry028 default cardinals @ packers and just wanted to bring up the amount of receptions and yards that a TE and RB should be getting

Throughout the game I began to notice that he was favoring his TE and RB in the passing game. I was able to start stopping them once I caught on however. In the game his QB completed 18/31 passes for 335 yards which is overall a very good stat line, however if you break down those 18 completions 13 of them were to a TE or RB for 268 yards. However there were also 13 incompletions, of which I could be off by a one or two but 5 more targets at his TE's.

To be fair I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt as it could have just been me, but I also looked at the stats from his first game of which were similar to the game we had played.

After looking at his team stats for the season after the game both Jermichael Finley (who currently leads the league in yards and receptions) and Stevan Ridley lead the packers in receptions and yards and combined have more yards and receptions than the rest of his team. Keep in mind that he has Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, and James Jones.

While I did lose, this has no reason for me posting this as I went 0-16 last season and haven't had a complaint worth mentioning until now.

I know this has been brought up before but I just wanted to bring it up again
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Post on 3/22/2014, 7:18 pm by chrebet1024

Good post

Yeah we always want to promote a balanced attack...BC it makes everybody better...and we want the best league possible.

Now yes u are also right...very tough to judge a guy off of one game. The season stats tell the story. In one game I would expect the te and/or rb to lead in receiving if the defense was blitzing a lot or playing a lot of safe defenses...( as the short underneath game will be more open).

Post on 3/24/2014, 10:49 am by rascrush

Ya but anytime a non pass catching back like ridley is leading a team that has cobb nelson and james jones there is a issue

Post on 3/24/2014, 2:31 pm by dterry028

was one game dudes, press coverage means throw to back and te

Post on 3/24/2014, 2:48 pm by BurntCabbage

I think RX stated he looked at "two" games worth of stats.....

Post on 3/24/2014, 4:00 pm by dterry028

Well if you look yourself hes incorrect ridley isnt even close to leading my team

Post on 3/25/2014, 2:26 am by GreenLegend37

I agree with both of you guys here. The wide receivers should probably be getting more of the receptions and yards, but it in this game, press coverage is used to an abnormally successful rate. Most of the time, the only players open are the tight ends and running backs.

Post on 3/25/2014, 7:40 am by j_bell12

So essentially what your saying is that because of the game, nothing can be SIM. TE's and RB's should never lead the league in receiving. Especially at the rate it's going in these two leagues now. Week one leaders in receiving, 7 TE's, a HB and a Wr rounded the top 9. That should never happen. Didn't check after week two but I'm sure it's not a Hell of a lot different. You call it a must. I call it unsim. Why? Because it just doesn't happen in the NFL. Not to this extent.

Post on 3/25/2014, 10:23 am by titanbrian

I'm the original sinner of this, but I've been off the radar for some time.

The trick is i put a few more 5 wr sets, and bunch formations (without the TE ) in my playbook. I discovered its not the TE that i love so much, its throwing to the closest guy that i feel comfortable doing. If you make that closest guy your WR a few times a game it completely changes the year end numbers.

As a bonus, my WR on an opponents 4th CB is sometimes a better matchup than my TE on his #1 linebacker.

Post on 3/25/2014, 2:14 pm by hellrazor119

I don't think it's unsim for a TE to lead his team in receptions and yards. The TE position has evolved, they're basically WR's now. Graham just led the Saints in receptions and receiving yards and before that, we were seeing Gronk and Hernandez leading the Pats.

I personally run a 2 TE offensive as it helps a lot in the run game and gives multiple options on offense. There are games where your WR will be shut down and you'll need to find other ways to move the ball and vice versa.

Post on 3/25/2014, 8:32 pm by BurntCabbage

Gronk is leading my team in receptions i'm sure

Post on 3/31/2014, 3:01 pm by ddarrendd

What I think is unrealistic is the way a few guys use play action passes to their te for long 3rd down conversions almost every 3rd down. Two guys have used play action on 3rd and longer than 10 to pass to their te for a 3rd down conversion when I played them.

Post on 3/31/2014, 3:53 pm by chrebet1024

Some SIM Leagues have a rule against NOT using PlayAction is "UNREALISTIC" situations.  I believe our league should be ABOVE THAT RULE....meaning we shouldn't have to have a rule in place that says "Don't use the playaction in a 3rd and long."

With PASS COMMIT and how effective 6 MAN RUSHES are in this game....going playaction on 3rd and long hurts a lot of the times.  If you notice the offense is doing this..pass commit, spotlight the TE, or blitz that mother effer so he PAYS for using the playaction in an unrealistic situation.

Bottom line is this though.....do NOT USE PLAYACTION IN UNREALISTIC SITUATIONS.  You look bad when you do.

Just like everything else as far as gameplay goes....a healthy balance is the goal.

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