some League specifics


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some League specifics

Post by chrebet1024 as we all know by now the Fantasy League draft is a week from today, Next Sunday.  We will go through the draft and start the season.

As for THIS League goes, the Default Roster League.....Yes our Rosters are set and the League is created...BUT here's 2 things that I think we should do before we get going....

1.  If any team requests a player that RECENTLY signed with their team IN REAL LIFE, then please contact either Cabbage or Myself as we WILL make that happen.
--For instance, Ed Reed has recently been dropped by the Texans and signed by the Jets.  I'm gonna request that one...and I'm sure their will be a few others.  There won't be a bunch, that matter much anyways, but because this is a REAL ROSTER LEAGUE, we should start out as real as possible.
--And we ARE getting started VERY SOON.

2.  We will do a 1 Round Free Agent Draft to ensure EVERY TEAM gets a crack at 1 player in the current free agency in the league.
--Nobody can see what that list is at the moment because the league hasn't started yet, but once we get going we will do the 1 Round Free agent draft, and THEN open up Free Agency as a free for all at a specific time and date.


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