Chrebet needs to leave both leagues


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Chrebet needs to leave both leagues

Post by chrebet1024

I have to leave from playing and commishing both leagues ASAP.

I was notified today that I'm going to start writing for, and it's impossible for me to have anytime to even play my games.  I have too much stuff going on right now with all that.  I've been struggling keeping up all during M15 as it is.

After each season, I'll come back and help out with the history, hopefully keeping that updated....but aside from that, for a while I'm gonna be gone.

It sucks, but I have to do it right now.

I'm going to put the Jets in default and Packers in fantasy on AP until Cabbage, Slick, TitanBrian and HellDawg can find replacements.

Slick, Brian and HD, you guys are gonna have to start helping Cabbage in default as well.  Come together and decide what you wanna do.


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Post on 12/19/2014, 6:43 pm by Fjd42

I veto this

Post on 12/20/2014, 9:40 am by Zeemen

Honestly your the best at running the leagues. The website's are better then any out there and I fear for the future of both leagues. Sure they will go on but not at the high level you have kept them. Good for you for doing your new gig that's great. Let's not kid ourselves, things will not be the same with out you.

Post on 12/21/2014, 12:08 pm by Ra-fa_br

Well said Zee

Post on 12/22/2014, 6:09 pm by Yeah Dog

Ra-fa_br wrote:Well said Zee

Ass Kisser

Post on 12/22/2014, 9:51 pm by shooter8175

before you go change the super bowl winners name

shooter8175 won the mefl bowl
not shooter9175

tim brown Howie long

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