Seahawks vs Saints sim


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Seahawks vs Saints sim

Post by deathbyeagle

Since most of you are fucking retards Ill explain in detail what happened. The fact that anyone would think that I would put up them numbers and let it finish like that just proves how low of IQ's you people have. You really think I would run that many plays, all runs and think I would get away with it, esp with a target always on my back, lol.

Yes I ran a play every 12 secs, lol. thats not even possible if I did no huddle every play. Yes this game I ran like 90 times and passed 8 or something like that, yes of course i do it every game, that how i had all them passing stats all season, i threw 8 bombs a game. Hell all my games i do play cpu i throw atleast 20 times, yep all of a sudden I felt like making the crazest running stats ever for no reason at all. Oh wait, XP u say??????

Yes I was going for Oline and HB Xp. Oh wait I reached those goals 2+ weeks ago, oh guess that theory is out.

I guess its so far fetched to actually consider what really happened.

I sched my game with Socal in fantasy. He was running late so i started to play cpu in default. Like the last two weeks of games, the game just froze so I had to reboot. I tried again right away and it froze a second time, so I rebooted again. I thought maybe its heating up to much where it is. I took it out and put a fan on it. Socal was ready in fantasy so we started up. The game froze with me up 10-3 and just getting a pick.

At that point I told him i would intiialize the ps4 since i saw others had the same issue and that was the fix on you tube. So for u genius out there u go into settings and at the bottom is intialize option. After that I hit the "quick" option over the full to save time. After a few mins it was done. However I had to make a new profile, put in info etc. I even had to replay the dumb panthers/hawks drive when you first put in the game. Now i have no playbooks, no anything so I have to remake everything from scratch.

So now Im done all that I post to sim it since no time to play it since Socal was waiting for me. Socal however then asked for 10 mins for him to reboot so i logged in default, and hurried up and super simmed it. Again for u genius out there, u hit supersim, then end game and it completes the entire game as a supersim. I didnt even look at the stats. I saw the score, laughted a bit at how shitty the saints where and logged out to then play socal in fantasy, which btw we finally didnt freeze.

Should I have streamed it, sure. At the time i was in a rush to hurry to get it done to get to socal and didnt even think about it. Not to mention a bit pissed that the ps4 was not working right which was on my mind the most.

So hmmm, whats more realistic, I super simmed it and cpu just made crazy stats, or yes i no huddled every play running an impossible 12 secs a play and broke off the most amount of yardage and play count ever like it was on rookie level that i could never pull off a day in my life to get stats that had zero effect on xp since i hit the goals weeks ago and just did it to make everyone talk in chat since its been boring and dead for a long time. Hmmmmm, lol.

I really dont care if you believe me or not, i just find it funny how dumb some of you are to think its even possible from a human game. If you want me gone cause u have something against me( i pissed u off in chat, i was a asshole to you, I dont post a cell number, what ever your reason), just say so. You dont have to come up with some retarded theories to get me removed. You dont want me here, just say it, ill leave. No point in staying somewhere ur unwanted.

Now Im sure ill have 3 to 4 retards saying " you should have streamed it", you have no proof or something already covered here. And lets be honest, how many people remember to stream there cpu games? extremely rare if any. So almost everyone has broken this rule, not on purpose, but does every week.

My statement is above, again believe it or not, thats your choice. But im not going to repeat it in 20 replies. Well actually no one comes on boards anymore so maybe only 2 people even read it.
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