Saints Suspension


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Saints Suspension

Post by Ra-fa_br

Never tried to schedule his game vs Arizona. Rules say your opponent has 24 hours to respond to either the forum post under scheduling, a text message, or a direct message on group me. Seeing as you did none of these and just decided to play vs the CPU without giving Fallen a chance to schedule.

Andy Dalton needs to sit the next 2 games.

Bnd reply stating you accept this punishment

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Post on 4/7/2015, 7:57 am by bndr1nkin

Saints don't accept..played an owner that has been set to ap and Mia.  When you have owenrs that don't steam all games and get away with it and pass 50xs a game and rush 2xs. So, it is what it is.  Also when you have people run it up against CPU no infractions.  Maybe 1 game suspension but not 4...even 1 shouldn't happen seeing he was on unlimited auto and was told to me would rather have owners set to auto vs having no owner at all..also i dont see the rule to where it says if an owner is set on unlimited auto you cant play cpu right after advance. also i dont see a post where fallen said he was out of town. this isnt an issue between fallen and i its the simple fact that whoever auto him should not have put him on unlimited. also saints accept no suspensions here.

Post on 4/7/2015, 11:58 am by j_bell12

Bnd has a solid argument. If a team is set to multiple or unlimited auto I would just play too. Bnd didn't put him on ap. Either fallen himself did. Or a commish made a mistake. It should only be set for one advance or commishes and the team owner made a mistake. So, a guy is on auto, bnd checked, why text someone who's on auto? That's foolish. Ap guys per advance. You can say bnd broke a rule, but in all reality if fallen was set on auto for more then one advance then the blame should fall elsewhere or nowhere. And just suck up the mistake on ap and don't do it again.

It's my opinion. Don't be wimps and take it personally because you have a personal issue with him. He isn't doing what Tony did.

Post on 4/7/2015, 12:14 pm by Ra-fa_br

Personnel issue, Bnd is a friend of mine. I've broke read with the him, love the guy. He broke the rule of not letting his opponent respond for 24 hours. Actually y he just threw a shout out in your favorite place, groupme. He didn't post on the forum, send a direct message, or a text. When someone goes on auto (I can only speak for myself) I put people on unlimited just in case. Going forward we'll put people on a week by week basis. Still he broke the 24 hour rule, he also didn't communicate the accepted ways we have set up. If 4 games is too harsh then fine we can all discuss a lesser game amount.

Post on 4/7/2015, 2:26 pm by bndr1nkin

Again saints don't accept a suspension when I rule was not broken seeing there is no rule about contacting somone who is set to unlimited AP. May want to create one and call it the BND don't be surprised when dalton is playing tonight at adv

Post on 4/7/2015, 2:50 pm by tony87blue

j_bell12 wrote:Don't be wimps and take it personally because you have a personal issue with him. He isn't doing what Tony did.

1. i'm only here reading this because bnd has contacted me about his situation and it's quite hilarious
2. what did i do exactly?

was it that i asked to be allowed to supersim my game and when i was denied i did it anyway? i already stated back then why i did it....didnt do anything wrong during/after my game to deserve a suspension or to be booted from league and i didnt do anything wrong before my game to deserve being denied the opportunity to just get my game vs cpu completed asap instead of wasting an hour playing cpu!

it is what it is, now you got owners being put on auto every other week when you couldve had at least 1 more person in your league that played every single game on his schedule....

going to be interesting to see what happens here since bnd is also telling the admins that no Saints player will be suspended....same thing that i did in chat

Post on 4/7/2015, 3:28 pm by Ra-fa_br

Here is the rule you broke:

***If you do NOT post or reply to your text your availability within 24 hours of the start of the new advance period....then your opponent will play the CPU if he comes to the commish asking for that to happen. This is of course only if the player requesting the CPU game DID post on the weekly matchup thread or send a reply to a text, posting his availability.

--Your Reputation will ALSO be factored into who is at fault should a game be in danger of not being played.

And Tony the result will be any different

Post on 4/7/2015, 3:46 pm by Frank_XD-

Shut the fuck up Tony, go back to MXL or whatever the fuck it's called...

Post on 4/7/2015, 3:57 pm by tony87blue

hey frank, how are you?

ps - learn your mefl history, mefl was spawned from mxl Wink

Post on 4/7/2015, 3:58 pm by tony87blue

so you going to boot bnd from the league because he seen his opponent was on unlimited auto pilot and played his game?

damn, booting another solid owner over something as stupid as playing a cpu game.....

Post on 4/7/2015, 4:21 pm by deathbyeagle


Post on 4/7/2015, 4:33 pm by Helldawg66

DBE^ postin that instead of his defense of Bnd in the chat lol.

I don't care if Bnd is suspended or not for it because he has a good argument in this case even though Fallen's autopilot was listed as unlimited. He messaged me after I advanced it but I hadn't seen it because me and jbell were playing our game. I don't have authority to authorize that hes ok there without checking with Rafa or Slick and I also didn't answer it because I didn't actually see it until around 1 or 2 am.

Bnd usually a good owner even though he's mean about scheduling. Bnd- you also have played with Rafa forever and know by now when you would've been able to reach him. So instantly playing the auto without checking with a commish OR the opponent who HAS played his games this year sounds more like you were being a puss puss cuz Fallen could throw for 500 yards against you and win.

At the same time Fallen's past rep of not playing games is well-noted. In this case I don't think it should be held against him cuz he's been active since Rafa has been commish and most of Fallen's stuff happened with Burnt or Chreb as commish.

Since Bnd can make enough of an objective case if he properly phrases it, either a lesser suspension for a different less important player, or a dropped suspension seems better.

Post on 4/7/2015, 4:57 pm by j_bell12

My point of view doesn't change. If I look and my opp was on ap right after advance , especially if it's unlimited ap... I would have likely played that game too. In that case the person should step down. Unlimited ap is the same as CPU on the schedule. As for a suspension, it's not up to me. Just take into consideration that there was no factual rule in place until it happened. I have absolutely no prob with rafas rule above, but it's just now becoming a rule. Prior to this there wasn't a rule pertaining to this unlimited auto issue. Which should never be a issue because unlimited shouldn't be allowed! IMO

Also rafa ... I understand there's more to every issue that I know nothing about. But going forward from here, make it a rule and I'm fine with it! Make unlimited ap illegal also.

Post on 4/7/2015, 7:20 pm by bbw6506

What so hard to understand *If you do NOT post or reply to your text your availability within 24 hours of the start of the new advance period....then your opponent will play the CPU if he comes to the commish asking for that to happen." Did Bnd ask the commiss to play the cpu? NO, did he wait 24 hours before he play the cpu? NO. Bnd is wrong and no where in the rule book does it say you can play the cpu if he on auto without asking the comissh.

Post on 4/7/2015, 8:24 pm by titanbrian

Sweet, Tony is here! Looks like a compromise could happen here.

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