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Post by TheDarkConfidant

Alright so going into this game I had never played titanbrian I had never really talked to him. That being said in the first half of the game the second drive he went down the field and scored nbd, I attempted to block the extra point which I did but I jumped off sides (no rule in rule-book about blocking extra points or Field goals) he accepted the penalty went for two and got it (completely against the rules). As the game is going we are going back and forth but all this guys seems to know how to run are ins outs flags and posts. If he isn't doing that he runs draws or off tackles from the shotgun. Then I go up 5 with 1:11 left and he has no timeouts left. He runs 4-5 screens on his final drive 2-3 being to the either rb because he was in a pistol two rb set or a WR screen. He then walked it down and kicked and extra point and went up 2. How 2 you ask well I didn't convert on two, two point conversion because of his bullshit 2 point conversion in the first quarter which if he had just kicked the extra point we would been tied and gone into overtime.

Now after the game was over I looked at the stats and guess what his QB threw 42 times. Ok that happens but not when your rb only had 12 carries thats triple the amount of passes. No I ran about 25 times and threw for 17 a little unbalanced but when your guys average 10 a rush your gonna give them the ball a bit more. 10 yards per rush you must be running cheese plays, nope he would come out in dime or nickel formations and I would call dives and gash him up the middle because my lineman just ran his guys over. So he wasn't matching personnel. He also had Andre Johnson lined up in the slot on 90% of his plays which is fine but he literally came out in no RB sets for like 40% of the time. And he clearly never blitzed considering that he only had 1 sack against me and that was JJ Watt going up against my 82 ovr RT. My O-line doesn't pass block well and with the guys he has on D he should have had more sacks if he sent blitzes. All in all this was my worst experience in this league and I am very disappointed.

Thanks, -TDC
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Post on 1/25/2014, 10:24 pm by chrebet1024

Dark, thanks for the post...This IS THE WAY we need to handle these things.  Opening up CONCERNS or COMPLAINTS to the entire league is the only way.

Reputations will be made, good or bad if we continue to do this.  I've spoken to you and TitanBrian33.  Things will be watched going forward.

We MUST MIX UP playcalling

We MUST Blitz

We MUST not abuse screens

...these are things that show our respect to one another.

Post on 1/25/2014, 10:52 pm by titanbrian

That 2 point play was against the rules, and i will take my punishment. wheni kicked extra point panthers started from the back of the endzone and ran full speed at the outside of my defenders to time the snap, same thing my 12 year old does to me. There is no penalty for doing this other than 1 yrd. And try again. so i penalized him by going for 2 from the 1 (same as i do to my kid). I see now its against the rules and sorry. His, run and time it trick, happened all three of my xp's, but i only went for 2 the one time.

As far as the rest of his lies and over exaggerations, i will point out he said he never played me before, but he did, week 15 fantasy, i won that game too and after the game he was mad and said his guys always drop Balls, and cromartie shouldn't be able to block shed like that, blah, blah.

So if i can prove he lied about never playing me, than any court would toss out his other complaints because now he is a disreputable witness.

Finally if a guy is having issues then pause the game, have someone watch the ustream, or text me and call bullshit, don't wait till you lose, and then have 20 things you perceived as me doing wrong, and NOT talk to me at all about it. I'm a gracious winner and humble loser, and I'm not here to ruin your day, thanks for playing.

Post on 1/25/2014, 11:05 pm by chrebet1024

We love having both of you guys in the league.

The future will represent all of us in how we play.

Yes going for 2 there is illegal and me and TitanBrian have talked about it. There is no "RuleBook" to COVER EVERYTHING about how to play the right way, and most of us will say that attempting to block an extra point (UNLESS it's a critical extra point) is also a no-no.

This is a clear case of both owners "out doing" each other. When one gets mad at the other they do something wrong themselves. That only escalates things and makes your case worse.

I didn't see the game, I don't have any video evidence. But I have spoken with both owners.

Post on 1/26/2014, 9:59 am by Qn0sis

You cant really get upset that he didnt blitz enough. Some teams are good enough in there front 4 that they dont need to send extra blitzers.

Post on 1/26/2014, 10:07 am by omgahamsandwich

like the rams....I dont blitz often but I do it every now and again as a surprise to keep people guessing, but for some teams like myself my bread and butter isn't heavy blitzing

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