Helldawg66's Obnoxious Smoke-a-Bowl Super Bowl Preview



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Helldawg66's Obnoxious Smoke-a-Bowl Super Bowl Preview

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How the teams match up

Team Offense Ranks-

Yards- Denver 1st / Seattle 17th

Passing Yards- Denver 1st / Seattle 26th

Rushing Yards- Denver 15th / Seattle 4th

Points- Denver 1st / Seattle 8th

Team Defense Ranks-

Sacks- Seattle 8th / Denver 13th

Interceptions- Seattle 1st / Denver 12th

Turnover Differential- Seattle +20 [best in league] / Denver- 0 (SI shows +18 and -1)

Yards allowed per game- Seattle 281.3 (1st) / Denver 362.7 (22nd)

Special Teams-

Punt return yardage allowed- Seattle- 82 yards (3.9 avg) / Denver 274 (9.8 avg)

FG Percentage- Denver 25/26 (96.2) / Seattle 33/35 (94.3%)

Random stats/facts

Seattle has the number 1 ranked defense. Denver has the number 1 ranked offense.

Seattle's defense was the only one in the league to allow less than 300 yards per game in the regular season.

The Seahawks are the first defense to lead the league in points allowed, yards allowed, and takeaways since the 1985 “Monsters of the Midway” Chicago Bears.

Seattle has allowed 2 300-yard passing games all season (Matt Schaub in an overtime game and Drew Brees.) Peyton Manning has 13 300-yard games in 18 starts including playoffs.

Denver's current starting offensive line played 1,031 snaps together (80% of total plays). Seahawks have not had an OL unit play more than 212 snaps.

Russell Wilson has thrown 52 TD passes in his first 2 regular seasons / tied with Peyton Manning for 2nd most in NFL history. He is also tied with Ben Roethlisberger as the winningest QB during their first two seasons in the league. If Seattle wins he will be the winningest QB in history during their first two seasons.

Peyton Manning would be the first QB in history to win a Super Bowl as the starting QB for two different teams if Denver wins.

Peyton Manning is 8-11 in outdoor games with a temperature below 40 degrees, 4-7 at 32 or below.

Peyton Manning was sacked or hurried on 14% of dropbacks this season (2nd lowest in NFL), but the Seahawks defense has pressured Qbs on 32% of all dropbacks (best in NFL)

Peyton Manning's ESPN Total QBR when facing 4 or fewer pass rushers is 87. Seattle had 31.8 QBR allowed in these situations. Both are the best in the NFL.

Peyton Manning's completion percentage numbers are lowest on throws to the right. (67% short, 35.7% deep right +15 yards) Richard Sherman plays 98% of snaps on the right side.

Marshawn Lynch- 574 rushing yards AFTER CONTACT. Broncos Defense- 1.37 YAC per rush (5th best)

Russell Wilson's completion percentage on 15+ yard passes was 52% (best in NFL)_ / Broncos allowed 42% completion on these throws. (16th in league)

The Broncos are wearing the orange uniforms in the Super Bowl. They have worn orange in 3 of their last 6 appearances. They have lost all of these games by an average of 31.3 ppg.

Seattle and Denver were 1,2 in most pass interference, holding, and illegal contact penalties by defensive backs. (Seattle 20, Denver 19)

Denver led the NFL with 2,583 yards-after-catch. Seattle allowed a league low 1,275 yards-after-catch.

Each of the last 6 previous NFC teams with the #1 ranked scoring defense to make the Super Bowl won.

This is the 5th Super Bowl since the NFL/AFL merger with the number 1 scoring defense vs. the number 1 scoring offense. (1st since 1990 Bills/Giants)

Marshawn Lynch has the 3 longest runs in Seahawks playoff history.

Only 8% of opponents' passes have gone to the far right side where Richard Sherman usually plays.

Peyton Manning's average pass takes 2.34 seconds from snap to release / Wilson's is a half second slower at 2.82.

Wilson led the league with 51 scrambles for 434 yards and 23 first downs. He was sacked 44 times compared to 18 for Peyton Manning.

Wilson was blitzed the most in the league, Manning was blitzed the least. When blitzed, Wilson still had a 64.1% completion percentage (best in league), and 9 yds per attempt.

Position comparisons

Peyton Manning had the best statistical season by any QB in league history. 5,477 passing yards, 55 tds (both records), 115.1 passer rating. 10 interceptions. 68.3% completion percentage

Russel Wilson- in a rushing offense- 3,357 passing yards, 24 tds, 13 ints, 101.2 passer rating, 63.1% completion percentage / 2nd among all quarterbacks in rushing yards/1st in rushing yards by scramble- 539 rushing yards.

Advantage- Denver. Russell hasn't been as good in the playoffs. Peyton has a ring. Peyton's year this year is the best easily among quarterbacks, but Russell is still very dangerous and can easily have a great game. If any other AFC team was in this game, Seattle would either have the advantage, or the AFC team wouldn't have nearly as strong of an advantage as Denver does with Manning against anybody this season.s


Knowshon Moreno- 241 attempts for 1,038 yards. 4.3 ypa, 10 rushing tds. Best season of his career by far. Postseason ypa is 3.8.

Marshawn Lynch- 301 attempts for 1,257 yards. 4.2 ypa 12 rushing tds. 2nd best season of career (last season even better) 2nd most carries in league (LeSean McCoy led league with 314) Postseason ypa is 5.0

Advantage- Seattle (strong). Knowshon has had a great season like everyone in Denver, but part of this success is really how Peyton Manning controls opposing defenses. The high touchdown numbers are partially from Peyton's tendency to audible into running plays in the red zone. Marshawn Lynch is one of the top running backs in the league, and possibly the hardest to tackle aside from Adrian Peterson if he isn't the hardest. Knowshon is a solid pass blocker and has raised his game this season, but Knowshon can easily take over a game at any point.


DeMaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas- Best receiving corps in the league. All 4 players had at least 10 td catches. (Welker 10, Decker 11, Julius 12, Demaryius 14) Demaryius had 92 catches for 1,430 yards. Decker had 87 for 1,288. Welker had 73 for 778. Julius had 65 for 788. Any receiver is a threat to have a big game. The ball is spread evenly. Welker usually mans the slot with Demaryius and Decker as the X and Z receivers. Welker has a noted drop history in the Super Bowl but is one of 4 Broncos with Super Bowl experience. ( With the Patriots. The other 3 players are Peyton Manning and backup TE Jacob Tamme with the Colts, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie with the Cardinals. NO Seattle player has Super Bowl experience)

Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, Jermaine Kearse, Percy Harvin, and Zach Miller- Underrated group that doesn't get as many passes because the offense is run through Marshawn Lynch. Baldwin had 50 catches for 778 yards and 5 touchdowns. In the playoffs he has 8 catches for 136 yards. Kearse wasn't active much in the regular season but has seen a role increase in the playoffs. 22 catches for 346 yards and 4 td's in the regular season. 3 catches for 69 yards and 1 td in the postseason. Golden Tate continued to improve this year in the regular season with 64 catches for 898 yards and 5 touchdowns. In the playoffs he has 5 catches for 44 yards. Miller had 33 catches for 387 yards and 5 touchdowns. Percy Harvin was injured for most of the year after being acquired from the Minnesota Vikings for draft picks and signed to a large contract extension. When healthy he is one of the most dynamic playmaking receivers in the league. He is expected to play in the Super Bowl and could be an X-factor for Seattle as a receiver, halfback, and kick/punt returner.

Advantage- Denver (strong). They are more tested at the position. Welker and backup TE Jacob Tamme have Super Bowl experience. No one on Seattle does. 4 receivers with 10+ touchdowns in the regular season. The highest scoring offense in history. Seattle's receiving group is underrated and has big play potential, but just isn't on Denver's level.


Trindon Holliday and Eric Decker. Despite Holliday's history as an electric returner, because of weather conditions and Holliday's small size making him a high fumble risk, Eric Decker has been the primary returner in the playoffs. Though he has been solid he hasn't done anything spectacular so far.

Percy Harvin- Hasn't been able to play this season but if he actually is healthy he is one of the top returners in the league and a threat to take any kick back for a touchdown. He will likely have free reign in the return game.

Adv- Seattle. It isn't known if Denver will play safe with Decker or go for the big play potential Trindon Holliday brings. While in Minnesota before this season, Harvin was capable of changing a game by himself just as a returner because of consistent big returns if he didn't score touchdowns.


Matt Prater- 25 field goals, 96.2% completion percentage. Home- 12/13 Away 13/13. Keeps getting knocked for having the luxury of kicking at the heightened elevation with thinner air in Denver, but has been perfect on the road. Is sick but is expected to be fine by the Super Bowl. Playoffs 5/6 on FG attempts. 19/20 outdoors

Steven Hauschka- 33 field goals, 94.3% completion percentage. Home 14/15 Away 19/20. 22/23 outdoors. 6/6 in playoffs. One of the best in the league this season regardless of the situation.

Adv- Seattle (slightly) The advantage is not as big as the media is acting. Both kickers have been perfect in the 4th quarter. Hauschka is also 2/2 in overtime (Prater has 0 overtime attempts). Hauschka does not have the high elevation boost Prater has had in home games, but both are very good kickers.

Key players on defense-


Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton (nose tackle)- very strong run defender. Took over parts of the New England game. If he gets hot he can make things difficult for Marshawn Lynch.

Danny Trevathan- (Will outside linebacker)- 129 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 3 interceptions. Stepped up big time in the absence of Von Miller. Does everything well enough to be disruptive.

Champ Bailey- (Left cornerback)- future hall of fame cornerback /1st Super Bowl appearance. Injured most of the year. Not what he once was but still better than many cornerbacks. One of the smartest defenders in the league despite aging physically. Good all-around. Probably the hungriest player on the defense for the win.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Right cornerback) very streaky, fast cornerback. Has matured this season and seems to be a lot better than his time in Philadelphia. Prone to mistakes but has the speed to reduce how bad the mistakes are.


The Legion of Boom secondary- (Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor, Mawell)

Richard Sherman- (cornerback) A top 5 CB in the league, and arguably the top cornerback in the league. Extremely physical. Dominant in press/chuck coverage. Typically shades the right side similar to Revis during his time with the Jets or Nnamdi Asomugha as an Oakland Raider. Led the league in interceptions with 8. Vocal leader of the defense.

Earl Thomas III- (free safety) 105 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 5 interceptions. Dominant and hard-hitting safety. Outstanding ballhawk abilities. Covers a large amount of ground in a very small amount of time. Defensive player of the year candidate along with Sherman and Kam Chancellor.

Kam Chancellor (strong safety) 99 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 3 interceptions. Dominant and hard-hitting safety. Coupled with Earl Thomas, creates probably the best young safety tandem in the league. Excellent run defender.

Byron Maxwell (cornerback) Was originally the nickel corner, but stepped up to replace Brandon Browner after suspension. 4 interceptions despite limited time as a starter. Very good corner but will be tested heavily because of how dominant Sherman is. The “weak point” of the 4 top secondary starters but would be a number 1 cornerback on several teams.

Bobby Wagner (Middle Linebacker) 120 tackles, 5 sacks, 2 interceptions. Dominant defender. Wrecked the 49ers outstanding offensive line in the NFC championship game. Doesn't get as much credit as he probably should.

Chris Clemons/Cliff Avril/Red Bryant/Michael Bennett- one of the top pass rush/run defending groups of defensive ends in the league. Clemons has found form again since joining Seattle, Bryant is underrated against the run and pass. Bennett and Avril can both get hot and take over against opposing offensive tackles in the passing game.

Adv- Seattle easily. Denver has several good defenders and the defense is capable of holding its own, but Seattle's defense has arguably been one of the most dominant defenses in a Super Bowl since the 1st Super Bowl Champion Ravens team or the 1985 Bears. They can beat you blitzing, playing deep, in man/press, or in zone.

Total Advantage

Offense- Denver. One of the top offenses in league history.

Defense- Seattle. Top defense in the league, depending on Super Bowl could go down as one of the best.

Special Teams- Seattle. Slightly better advantage at kicking. Harvin could be critical as a returner. Seattle's punt team was one of the best coverage teams in league history. Jeremy Lane is one of the best gunners in the league. Seattle allowed 82 return yards on punts ALL REGULAR SEASON. In context, 2 punt returners had double this in a single game, 12 had more on their own all season, and 3 of those 12 played the Seahawks to combine for 8 punt return yards against the team. (Tavon Austin, Keshawn Martin, and Marcus Sherels) Before Week 17, Seattle only allowed 30 punt return yards.

Early Weather forecast thinks- high of 35, low of 25. 30% chance of snow. Winds at 8mph.

Prediction- Seattle: 27 Denver- 24

MVP possibilities- (Seahawks) Marshawn Lynch / Russell Wilson / Richard Sherman / Earl Thomas / Percy Harvin

(Denver) Peyton Manning / DeMaryius Thomas / Wes Welker / Eric Decker / Danny Trevathan

LVP possibilities- (Seahawks) Russell Wilson / Byron Maxwell / Steven Hauschka

(Denver) Peyton Manning / Wes Welker / Mike Adams (Free Safety)
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