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Offense: Had a few good route busters on offense. Didnt run very much. Most of his passes he would laser that ball without any pressure on his QB. Some of these passes were INTs. In the redzone he had trouble throwing the ball. If you run a cover 2 in the red zone, its hard for him to make a TD on one occasion he had a TE playing a flat route, where my LB made the play with a spectacular catch and intercepted this ball all the way to the house. Telvin Smith is his name. A good player, takes his time with the ball. This game could have gone either way. I will admit there was lag in this game in the 1st half. Prior to this game I had just bought a new controller so I wasnt sure if it was the controller or the game, it was hardly noticeable for me. (archived footage)

Defense. Likes to base align for man defense. When he zone blitzed he didnt really cover the flats. He likes to user the MLB. If you run up the middle he kinda just sits there waiting for you to shoot up the gap lol bootleg plays usually counter his zone blitz, since he doesnt cover flats and only the middle and deep sidleins you can find a guy about 4 or 7 yards out for a completion. Worked more times than once for me.
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