Can commishes review jags/colts game



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Can commishes review jags/colts game

Post by xlonestar-x

First game of season excited to play with this jags teams and I run into a counter running machine , throw in another 4-5 stretches. I understand trying to break lose with dri archer but it got old after a while, passing wise he would double slant from a trips TE fromation got really old. Other passing plays inculded PA waggle out of single back twin te 3-4 times also with overload slants.

I'm all for playing to win but let's try and mix it up more flybad. This isn't lobby ball
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Post on 1/26/2015, 11:52 pm by xlonestar-x

Post on 1/27/2015, 9:49 am by Zeemen

Fly being one of my close madden friends and favorite guy to play, had asked me to tune in to see his new colts team. Im actually shocked at yr post and am surprised as fly has been awarded sim player of the year and runner up more then a few times. I think you should consider yr 39.1 qb rating with 0 Tds and 2 picks to his 134 rating 2 Tds and 0 picks. You were dominated by his D most of the game only scoring one TD. That's why you lost not due to 5 counters in the game in which you yourself also ran. I can see if that's all he did sure u have beef but watching that game looked more like an ass kicking then anyone cheating. Also before you post about someone elses' game play, make sure your play was as sim as can be. There was one Defensive play that I thought you abused about 8 times in the game. The cover 3 with the lolb and rolb blitzing off the edge. Also I think the rules state that you cannot manually put a DT in spy. I could be wrong but if I'm not, I'd make sure that isn't seen by anyone as well. Hard to call one of the best sim game guys that's been here for 5 years a lobby guy. I tuned in from late 1'st quarter to the end so if he abused what you saying in first 6 mins then my bad but the game I saw was you kicking fg's and not scoring. Your a very good player too but sometimes ya have to give it to the guy when you lose.

Post on 1/27/2015, 10:10 am by xlonestar-x

I agree I didn't play my best but when a opponent using the same concept on every passing and run play it gets tiring. If his post route wasn't open he would drop it off to his in route , or slant. Also on defense ran cover 1 80 percent of the time, and only blitzed I believe once or twice. All game. If you watched without any bias you should be able to confirm that l.

Post on 1/27/2015, 12:43 pm by titanbrian

Last time I played fly I thought a bunch of runs were counters also. I was going to review the game and get an actual count, but decided against it , because we always have great games. The guy earned a game that maybe he wasn't paying attention to play calling.

I do plenty of unsim plays, and have several that ALWAYS work. The key is to use them in moderation and nobody cares.Counters and strong powers work well, cuz two pulling lineman, we all know it, but nobody wants to see a guy run too many, it just feels cheap. It's all our jobs to make the gaming experience as good add we can, and takes little effort

Post on 1/27/2015, 2:32 pm by BurntCabbage

titanbrian wrote:I do plenty of unsim plays, and have several that ALWAYS work.


Post on 1/27/2015, 3:21 pm by tony87blue

idk flybad or lonestar, but here's what i have at halftime (only looked at flybad's play selections)

Pass - 16
Run - 9

Passing : 5 formations, 12 sets
Running : 4 formations, 8 sets
1 HB Dive
3 HB Counter
4 HB Stretch
1 Quick Toss

0 blitzes (from either man or zone)
3 Cover 2
10 Cover 3
7 Man Cov

again, idk either of these guys but based on what lonestar has said the video evidence supports his claims for at least half the game in my opinion. a lot of outside runs with Archer, cant use the excuse that he's a speed back so gotta run outside, there's gotta be a mix of runs imo (even speed HBs use draws, power, zone) not just counter/stretch. while on defense, again, even teams that rely heavily in zones or man cov blitz every now and then.

just my 2 cents on the situation but a fictional award such as "sim play" doesnt mean one is innocent....from my experience as commish, well over half the issues that ever get brought up are never reported until it's already been going on for a while. people either dont care enough to bring it up, are too lazy, or dont want to come off as bitching/whining to do what is necessary to call out someone's gameplay.

there is still half a game i havent watched, not sure i want to finish it after seeing the first half....i just dont think much changes in 2nd half

Post on 1/27/2015, 3:38 pm by titanbrian

Try and catch me cabbage (other than incriminating myself) you won't find anything on me, hahaha!

Post on 1/28/2015, 11:59 am by xlonestar-x

Funny stuff TB . cabbage if u do review game, as I watched the second half u will notice he never threw past 10 yards and if the crossing routes weren't open he would send his outside receiver on a in route . I couldn't cover all three guys doing some kind of slant. Like I said earlier it's fine if that's your style of play but not every passing situation.

Post on 1/30/2015, 2:22 pm by tony87blue

so um, what's the verdict on this? did it get handled privately? typically it's all open records and posted Wink

Post on 1/31/2015, 6:07 pm by deathbyeagle

My 2 cents, yes Flybad should mix it up more. Running outside every play gets a bit old, kinda funny zeeman coming to his rescue since hes known for the same thing. As for double slants, or waht they really are is the zeeman famous slant/cross is a big with most this year. esp agasint the cover 3 whores who roam field with a player in the middle. If someone on def plays like that i cant blame someone for using level style plays like that.

However Lonestar is not so clean himself as he's breaking rules as well and zeeman pointed it out. I saw it used in this game agasint flybad and agasint titans. He is spying his DT or subbing a DE at DT and spying him then dropping him back and roaming the field with him. This is agasint the rules in default, maybe lonestar just doesnt know the rule on that one, eventhough its a rule in both lgs.

2. Not allowed to manually put an "INTERIOR DL" into a spy/contain/zone
The reason for this is to not have guys trying to create "Nano Blitzes" or anything that will create un-realistic pressure.
There are PLENTY of playcalls out there that has "INTERIOR DL" dropping back in a zone, or even in a spy. So USE THOSE PLAYCALLS, do NOT manually do it.
*Remember, what "Interior DL" are...NOT edge guys. Edge guys are the two outer-most players on the DLine, whether standing up OR in a 3-pt stance, it doesn't matter.

He does it quite offen actually. More in 2-4-5 but the player he is doing it with is a "interior DL" player.

So in the end its a wash, flybad not mixing it up, Lonestar in 2 games breaking interior DL spy rule.

Theres ur ruling

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